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Season 4 - Episode 8

Flow to Restore

30 min - Practice


Flow and relax. Robert guides us in an energizing Vinyasa flow practice before slowing it down with a few replenishing restorative yoga postures. This practice promotes mobility, balance, and flexibility.
What You'll Need: Mat, Square Bolster, Block


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Hi! I only just discovered you ( Robert Sidoti ) I really like your  relaxed "unholy" way of teaching yoga. I feel very relaxed now. Thank you and namaste from a yoga-collegue in Norway. 
Hello and good morning/day to you vibeke :)) I'm so happy my way of offering yoga resonates with you - thank you for sharing your comment here! I've always wanted to visit Norway, looks like a beautiful country!! Namaste to you!! 
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Happy I found another lovely  session of yours.  I so enjoy the stretching with the breath.  Warrior 3 not possible (due to my fallen arches) so I opted for triangle, tree pose possible with my toes on the floor.  New to me, locust on the side, felt glorious for my shoulders.
 As always my favorite is the Yin restorative at the end.  This is a wonderful practice to stretch out and unwind.   Grateful for your teachings🌾💮
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Oh please bring more Yin and restorative practices, they calm my nervous system and bring me to a blissful, meditative state💮🌾
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Hi Robert, this is my favourite class of yours so far. I really enjoyed it - very restorative and exactly what I need at the moment given the challenges we are all facing. Thank you so much!
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This class was exactly was I needed to unwind and restore some areas of the body that were accumulating tension from the week. Thank you Robert. 
Hi Emma , thanks so much for sharing here! These are unstable times for sure - it feels nice (if not too stressed out by circumstances) to embrace the practices that encourage slowing down and sitting with ourselves - gives us the opportunity to contemplate where we are, how we can best utilize this time, possibly making some changes or creating new habits as we move toward more stable times - here's to hoping so!! Anyway, I appreciate so much your comment and hope you have an inspiring day :))
Hey there Janeissy !! Doesn't that feel so good - the releasing of built up tensions and stress! I'm so happy this practice provided that for you! When we choose to slow down, move and breathe in ways you can literally feel the tensions, stress and negative energy/thought's wash away - one exhale at a time. Thank you so much for practicing here with all of us - more than that, thank yourself for choosing to practice :)) 
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Excellent! Thank you!
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