Keepin' it Real Artwork
Season 4 - Episode 8

Flow to Restore

30 min - Practice


Flow and relax. Robert guides us in an energizing Vinyasa flow practice before slowing it down with a few replenishing restorative yoga postures. This practice promotes mobility, balance, and flexibility.
What You'll Need: Mat, Square Bolster, Block

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Hi! I only just discovered you ( Robert Sidoti ) I really like your  relaxed "unholy" way of teaching yoga. I feel very relaxed now. Thank you and namaste from a yoga-collegue in Norway. 
Hello and good morning/day to you vibeke :)) I'm so happy my way of offering yoga resonates with you - thank you for sharing your comment here! I've always wanted to visit Norway, looks like a beautiful country!! Namaste to you!! 
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Happy I found another lovely  session of yours.  I so enjoy the stretching with the breath.  Warrior 3 not possible (due to my fallen arches) so I opted for triangle, tree pose possible with my toes on the floor.  New to me, locust on the side, felt glorious for my shoulders.
 As always my favorite is the Yin restorative at the end.  This is a wonderful practice to stretch out and unwind.   Grateful for your teachings🌾💮
Oh please bring more Yin and restorative practices, they calm my nervous system and bring me to a blissful, meditative state💮🌾

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