Slow Flow and Meditation Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 2

Soft and Centered

60 min - Practice


Soften inward with a breath awareness practice, find gentle floor opening shapes, move though slow Sun Salutes and back bending postures, and finally make your way to the seat for a brief centering meditation. You will feel open and in tune.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket

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Thank you so much for this practice, Alana! I feel peaceful and centered.

By the way, when I try to see the classes in season 1, it says that there aren't any any to check back later. I got to this class via a direct link from email.
Wonderful, Rosanna! So delighted to be practicing together. I believe that the LIVE classes filmed in Season 1 will be on the site sometime this week. I will keep you posted. I hope you can join me for a live practice this Wednesday at 10:30am PDT at Love, Alana 
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Alana Mitnick , I wish I could join you! Unfortunately, I'm usually working during the day during the week. I'll drop in whenever I have a day off. Looking forward to the recordings!
Rosanna, I will you let you know as soon as the recordings are up! Warmly, Alana 
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Rosanna Alana's practices are now available to watch in her show, Slow Flow and Meditation!  Thank you for being here! 🙏 
Thank you, Elizabeth
3 people like this.’s always a pleasure to practice with you Alana. I’m so happy these live practices are available now for those of us who for various reasons missed out the first time around. This class hit all the right spots in that nurturing ‘Alana Way’. Highly recommend!
Jenny, You are so kind and encouraging. So happy this you enjoyed this practice and that it hit all the right spots, lovingly. Thank you for being here, always! xoA
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I love the pace of this class, Alana. It allows space for entering more deeply into each pose. It really encourages a centring awareness for me. Many thanks. May you be well!
Beautiful, Kate. Thank you for being here! I'll be offering another LIVE practice this Wednesday at 10:30am California time at Hope you can join me! Love, Alana 

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