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Season 3 - Episode 3

Gift of Support

45 min - Practice


Muscle resistance helps keep the joints safe, bringing a quiet expansiveness to the poses. In this class, we learn that we can create more structure and stability in our poses by moderating their scope and using our muscles as strength and support. We begin mobilizing and heating the body in seated stretches, then explore lunges, standing poses, and back bends, playing with activating the muscles in the legs, arms, hips, and abdomen and creating greater support for the joints. You will feel stable and expansive.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Strap, Block

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So thankful for going deeper into this "gift of support". A few years ago I wasn't aware of the importance of this and used to get misaligned and hurt but since participating in earlier classes of yours I started paying attention to the importance of supporting the body in the poses and what a difference it has made.  I have not had the pain since paying heed to supporting and aligning  properly. Amazing!
Christel B! I couldn't be happier hearing that these adjustments are helping you eliminate pain. That's the best! These principles have deeply transformed my practice and it so cool to be able to see how they are impacting others :)

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Ah, more Nathan! So happy to have a new season of Aligned and Awake.  Always so many great cues that I keep with me for all of my yoga practices.  You are such a gifted teacher to be able to explain the nuances of the poses so effectively.  Thank you for the gifts of support!
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I so agree with Christel and Eden! Particular to this practice, I had a “whoa!” moment doing your take on Figure 4 in the beginning - my goodness that felt good. I also loved the supine leg-lowering movements…quite revealing and quite exerting (in a good way) 😊👍❤️🙏🏻
Great to be here with you, Eden M! I’d love to hear what you’re discovering through these new lessons :) 
Jenny S, that’s really what shifted for me when I started using the alignment principles. The poses not only felt open, but really connected and “good” as you say. I found that, even though there’s work and extension involved,  the stability and comfort call forth an unlocking rather than a stretching. 
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beautiful practice :))
Thank you, Fabian H!
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Interesting work! I found that in order to maintain a strong focus on the muscular engagement meant sacrificing some of the ease/fluidity/flow. But I can see how eventually I will find a more balanced experience with practice and awareness of these principles. Sthira sukham āsanam.
Kate M, I totally understand what you’re saying. In the beginning, this kind of work can feel like “grunt work”. Like you almost have to grit your teeth to maintain the focus or action. But I can promise you that with steady practice (a few weeks), the actions become more and more ingrained. Kind of like driving a car. At some point it all gels. And when it does gel, steadiness of the poses opens up an incredible ability to feel deeply within the body. I hope to hear more from you as you continue the lessons :)
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