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Season 3 - Episode 9

Twist and Flow

20 min - Practice


Join Robert for this twisty class to help you loosen and find space in the whole body. We begin on the floor warming into the upper body, move into Twisted Chair, followed by a dynamic standing sequence leading to Revolved Half Moon supported by a block. You will feel relaxed and open.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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Twisty goodness! For me, nothing beats revolved triangle for an instant energy boost and sense of refreshment. Thank you for this latest season of 20 Minute Yoga Flows. Doing these first thing in the morning sheds the cobwebs and makes the whole day ahead feel brighter 🌞
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Revolved triangle was challenging but helped to relax a tight right  hip that was giving me discomfort.  Who needs physiotherapy when one has YogaAnytime!  I'm saving money and getting a wonderful workout. 
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Loved this!
Thanks, Robert! Great practice!
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Thank you for this twisty burst of energy—all the way thru wobbly revolved poses. I love how there’s always space to chuckle with you too! Thank you 🙏🏻☮️
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Love your voice and flow. Child post with forearm twist is very unique. I really enjoyed it. Thank you. 
I know by now how much you enjoy revolved triangle Jenny S  - maybe I should dub it the 'Jenny S' :) 
Agreed Glenford N  - Yoga Anytime has everything you need to take good care of yourself :))
Happy you loved it Corinne M  ! See you again soon!! 
Gotta be able to have a little fun on the mat Sharon O  - I'm glad it resonates and feels right for you! Have a beautiful day! 
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