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Season 6 - Episode 7

Intuitive Flow

20 min - Practice


Explore opening and strengthening the shoulders, while playing into some balancing postures. You will feel intuitive and aware.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Welcome, please join me for this quick 20-minute intuitive flow. So we'll begin seated back on the heels. If you'd like to take a block between your ankles for support that might feel good, otherwise if it feels okay in your knees, sit back on your heels. Take a moment to arrive, to land, maybe close your eyes for a moment as you allow your gaze to shift inward, allowing a few conscious breaths here, maybe setting an intention for your practice, feeling the rise of your inhale, the fall of your exhale, gently blinking the eyes open. And we'll start with eagle arms, letting the right arm swing under the left, either bringing the back of your hands together or palms of the hands together.

On an inhale, start to draw the elbows away from you, lift the gaze in the heart. And then as you exhale, draw the elbows in and round through your spine. And we'll do that two more times. As you inhale, lift up and lengthen, draw the elbows away. As you exhale, draw the elbows in and round.

One more time, inhale, lift up and lengthen, exhale, elbows in, rounding, beautiful. And then releasing hands behind you, let the fingertips find the earth, lean back a little bit, heart lifts, gaze lifts, and then we'll come back through center. Take it with the other arm on top, left arm wraps under the right. On an inhale, draw elbows up and away. As you exhale, round forward, tuck the chin, feel the opening in the back of your body.

Good. Two more, inhale, draw up and away. Exhale, round. One more, inhale, come up, lengthening. Exhale, round, nice crack there.

And then as you're ready, release hands behind you, fingertips to the earth, lean back, heart lifts, beautiful. And then walk your hands forward, we'll come to tabletop position. As you come to tabletop, bring your right knee behind your left knee and then open the feet up wide so they're almost as wide as the mat. And then start to turn the right hand either to the side of the mat or you could take the fingers to face toward you to stretch through that right wrist. And then start to take some circles with your spine, your hips, either clockwise or counterclockwise, kind of feeling into wherever you feel this.

So the wrist, your hips, maybe take the circles in the other direction, circulating the energy and just kind of smoothing out any areas that might feel a little stuck today, beautiful. And then start to center your weight, turn the right hand forward, float the right leg back and behind you and up off the earth, flex through the right foot, bring the weight into the right hand, reach your left arm forward so you're reaching forward and back through the left fingertips, back through the right heel, good, holding for three, two, and one. And then let the left hand come down, right toes fall behind you, start to shift your weight forward and back a few times so you're stretching into the back of your right leg, your calf muscle, good. And then shoulders over wrists, spin to the right heel, bring the weight into your left hand, reach the right arm up for Ardha Vashisthasana and then take some circles with that right arm. So feeling into the right shoulder, taking circles in one direction and then the other direction, feel that stretch through the side body, beautiful.

And then come back through center, right knee down, we'll thread the right arm under the left arm coming onto the right shoulder, the right side of your face, either walking the left hand in front of you or you could take that left arm behind your back, shoulder stretch, let your hips stay level, breathe into that right shoulder, just a couple of breaths here. Just noticing what comes up here, how this feels, where you feel this, good. And then coming out the same way we came in, press through the left hand and the right hand back to tabletop and we'll take the left knee behind the right, open the feet up as wide as your mat, good, and then start to turn the left hand toward the left or fingers might face toward you as you stretch through that left wrist and then circles, take some circles in either direction, really as a way to just explore intuitive movements, stretching the left wrist, the hips, your spine, linger anywhere, it feels good to linger and as we move into an intuitive flow, just consistently checking in with what do I need here, what would feel good, how does it feel to move like me, good. Turn your left hand to face the front of the mat, float the left leg behind you, right arm reaches forward so you're reaching forward and back, gently engage the core for 3, 2, and 1, right hand down, left toes find the back of the mat, tuck the toes, shift the weight forward and back a few times, good, center your weight, spin to the left heel, weight into the right hand, left arm lifts, Ardha Vashisthasana, take some circles with the left arm in one direction, good, and then the other, notice that left shoulder, does it feel any different, beautiful, left knee down, thread your left arm under the right, bringing the left side of the face down, maybe walking your right hand forward or you could take it behind your back, wrap it up, and then let the body yield to the support of the earth, couple breaths, good, pressing your right hand into the earth, come back to your tabletop and then we'll tuck our toes, coming back into downward facing dog, first dog, pedal it out, just feel into your legs, your hamstrings, maybe swaying your hips side to side or you could take your heels from side to side, feeling into the shape, find the breath, beautiful, and then slowly walk your feet to your hands, come to the front of the mat and then roll up slowly, one vertebra at a time, coming to stand at the front of the mat and as you come to stand, just take a moment, find Tadasana, feel the soles of the feet on the earth, I'm going to take my feet a little closer together, really grounding through the soles of the feet and we'll play with our balance a little bit, so starting with eagle pose, coming into chair pose, Utkatasana, bend your knees, sweep the arms up and then let the right foot get heavy, pick up your left foot and cross your left leg on top of the right, so you could kickstand the toes down, you might float that left foot up, hello fly, and then you might wrap that left foot behind the right calf and we'll take the left arm under the right for eagle arms, so just like how we started with the arms, wrap it up, start to draw the elbows away from you, find length in your spine, sink in, find your Drishti, that point to focus your gaze, breathe, and then to unravel, sweep the arms up, start to draw your left knee in towards your chest, gently engage through the core and then as softly as you can, we'll step the left foot to the back of the mat for crescent pose, take a moment to land there, start to draw your hands in front of your heart, keep the length in the spine, moving into crescent prayer twist, taking the left elbow to the outside of the right side, good, and you could stay here with that back knee lifted, if you want a little more support, lower the back knee down, and then moving into your twist here, breathe, find your breath, beautiful, allowing a big full breath in, take your gaze down at your right foot and then hands frame your front foot, step your left foot in and to the left a little bit for pyramid pose, let everything melt down over that front leg, and drawing the right hip back, let the left hip roll forward, nice stretch in the back of the legs, beautiful, and then softly step your left foot to meet the right front of the mat, we'll step the feet about hips distance apart, hooking peace fingers onto the big toes, on an inhale lengthen through the spine, come halfway up, and as you exhale fold in padahastasana, letting the crown of the head melt down towards your toes, and breathe, find your breath, beautiful, and then really feeling the earth beneath the soles of the feet, start to roll up, coming back to where we started, find the earth beneath you, take a moment to land, and just notice where does that land in the body, what comes up for you here, feel your heartbeat, good, and we'll step the feet together, starting back in chair, utkatasana, arms sweep up, good, this time we'll pick up the right leg, cross it on top of the left, right arm sweeps under the left, and then your choice, you could kickstand the toes down, float the right foot up or wrap it behind your left calf, as you do that start to draw the elbows away, find length in your spine, squeeze the inner thighs together and find that point to focus your gaze, your drishti, there's a couple flies that really are quite attracted to this practice today, so just notice your surroundings, what has your tension, good, and then as we unravel, draw the right knee in towards your chest, reach the arms up, engage through the core, and it is a balancing practice, just notice where your balance is today, and slowly stepping right toes to the back of the mat, finding crescent pose, draw hands together in front of the heart, finding length in your spine, with that length we'll cross the right elbow to the outside of the right thigh, prayer in front of your heart, staying active in that right quadricep, and again feel free to lower the right knee down for support, breathe into the shape, beautiful big full breath in, gaze down at your left foot, let your hands frame your front foot, and then stepping the right foot in and to the right a little pyramid pose, let everything melt down, let the torso drape down over that left thigh, left leg, breathing, there's nowhere to get to here, you're where you need to be, one more full deep breath, beautiful, and then stepping your right foot forward to meet the left, step the feet about, hips distance apart, and then maybe slide palms of hands underneath, soles of the feet, letting the toes come up toward the wrists, let everything melt down, good, and then slowly we'll come halfway up, releasing the hands, lengthen through the spine, step back to downward facing dog, beautiful, and then taking a moment to lower your knees, find child's pose, letting the third eye rest on the earth, that seat of our intuition either reaching arms forward or you could wrap them back behind you, breathe, allowing a few more breaths here, letting that movement land in the body, notice where it lands, welcome to stay here, if you'd like to reach your arms forward, we'll come into a quick inversion here, so coming to tabletop, letting the forearms lower down to the earth, letting shoulders come over elbows, you could press through the hands, feel free to interlace your fingers, tuck your toes, lift the hips up coming into dolphin pose or to walk the toes in toward you as you feel the opening through the back of the legs, let your sitting bones reach up toward the ceiling, so we found some opening the shoulders, we'll find that stability, that strengthening in the shoulders, start to draw shoulders away from the ears, couple more breaths here, breathe with it, beautiful, and then letting knees come down, one more child's pose just to land, nice, and then slowly roll up, sit back on your heels and then bring the legs out in front of you, good, bringing the right foot to the inner upper left thigh, sit up tall on your sitting bones, flexing through the left foot, sweep the arms up and then folding over that left leg, Janu, Sarsasana, couple full deep breaths here, noticing where you feel this, just this inhale, just this exhale, beautiful, on your next breath in, slowly come up, we'll switch sides, reach your right leg long, bring your left foot to the inner upper right thigh, wiggle in, sit up tall on your sitting bones, on an inhale sweep the arms up, as you exhale, fold over your right leg, find the breath, just this inhale, just this exhale, good, inhale to slowly come up, we'll stretch both legs long in front of us, sit up tall on your sitting bones, on an inhale sweep the arms up, as you exhale, forward fold. Just this inhale, just this exhale, simplifying, simple, not easy, as you inhale slowly come up, we'll roll on to our back, taking Shavasana, feel free to stay seated if that would feel good for you, otherwise finding the shape of integration, letting that practice integrate in the body, the mind, your spirit, allowing yourself just a minute here to let go, to let be, to listen.

Okay. And feel free to hang out in your Shavasana, your meditation as long as you like. Taking those sacred pauses in our day to take care of ourselves, to listen inward to our intuition. Otherwise, as you're ready, inviting movement back in, reaching the arms up over ears, stretch through the body, big breath in, long breath out, letting the soles of the feet find the earth, roll to either side, taking a moment to pause, to check in, notice how you feel. Take your time as you press your way up to seated, bringing hands together in front of the third eye, gently pressing that space between the eyebrows, the seat of our intuition.

Just taking this practice with you as you move out into your day, thank you for sharing these practices with me. Namaste, everyone.


Sandra Židan
Cool practice! Thanks, Sarah! Namaste! 💖🌹
Jenny S
3 people like this.
I love starting the week off with these practices. Your gentle voice and the way you fit so much into a practice that never feels rushed is just the best Monday medicine…🪰🪰😉🥰
Glenford N
2 people like this.
Beautiful practice, Sarah. I topped it off with 20 minutes of Christian yoga meditation for a contemplative start to the day. Namaste.
David G-
2 people like this.
Wanted to do Zoom today but saw there was no class. Bummer, but this was perfect  practice. Great knee opener start. I have to use two blocks, but your cues softened the pain. Liked that cue about putting the foot down softly. I was proud of how softly I could do it. Hope you had a great weekend. 
Sarah Beston
I am happy to hear that you enjoyed this practice, Sandra Židan! Warmly, Sarah
Sarah Beston
1 person likes this.
Thank you so much for sharing, Jenny S! Could use some Monday medicine yoga today as well! Warmest wishes, Sarah
Sarah Beston
1 person likes this.
That sure sounds like a beautiful way to start your day, Glenford N! Thank you for sharing with me. Warmly, Sarah
Sarah Beston
Hi David G-! Happy to be able to practice with you here and thanks for sharing that about putting the foot down softly. I am happy to hear that was a good cue for you!
Diane C
2 people like this.
Just lovely!!!
Sarah Beston
So happy to practice with you, Diane C! Warmly, Sarah
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