30-Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 10 - Episode 8

Centering Flow

30 min - Practice


Feel balanced, grounded, and centered in this spicier, energizing class. We flow through Sun Salutes and a creative standing sequence to strengthen the body, challenge the balance, and release tight spots.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Love this class, thank you, Rosemary!
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Really masterful teaching. Thank you!
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Thank you! I love your classes! I just had a little girl, and I named her Rosemary I recently remembered one of my favorite teacher's (You) name is Rosemary. I hope she is as peaceful as you are, she already seems so.
Awww, thank you, Rachel S . That means so much. Enjoy!
Oh, Laura M , this is so touching! Welcome to the world, baby Rosemary. You have such a lovely mama... may this journey be blessed. 
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I loved this class!
Yay, thank you, Nadine R ! We love having you here!

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