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Season 2 - Episode 2

Inquiry Into Truth

75 min - Talk


Erich opens up the Freedom Yoga Immersion, Day 2, sharing simple and profound teachings that inspire us to inquire into the nature of Truth. He shares his personal journey and insights into yoga, offering practical ways to enhance our "Online Knowing." Erich reminds us that we are Love. We've broken the talk up into chapters to help you navigate and retain the teachings.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Apr 26, 2015
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I appreciate and love hearing this story, Erich - it's so heartening for those of us who have had ebbs and flows in our love affair with the practice and second-guessed our commitment to it when one "style" just lost its luster. The lovely truth is that every 'technique' - if it works - is an invitation to drop the technique. A beautiful talk!
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Thank you Erich for such a wonderful insight!
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"The Energy is Love" and "Practice the Holy Instant" are absolutely POWERFUL!!! Thank you so much Erich for articulating the practical application of ACIM so eloquently. It's finally sinking in...
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wow. such a blessing. thank you so much.
Thank you, Anne :)))
Thank you, Lara :))))
Thank you, Dana :)))
Thank you, Samantha :)))))
Thank you , for explaining the teachings so well. Very grateful.
Thank you Katherine :))) much appreciated
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