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Season 1 - Episode 5

Traction Action for Cycling

40 min - Practice


Biking is a full body sport. Lydia guides us in a sequence that targets some sticky areas for cyclists. In addition to offering space in the obviously hard working areas of the legs and lower back, she also brings our attention to details of holding in the neck and chest. You might find it useful to keep a block handy.
What You'll Need: Mat

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(rushing waves) Hi. This is a short yoga sequence for bikers. And I want to thank Scott Everett, my friend Scotty Everett for helping me a ton with learning about different areas where bikers might ho...


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great class. Thank you Lydia.
Hi Judy. You're so very welcome, and thanks for watching.
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Great class, with gentle, precise instructions. I don't even bike but it felt very good on lower back, hips and torso fascia. Thank you! I will do it again when feeling stiff as a board!
Wynter. So glad it felt yummy on those sticky spots. Stay close! xo Lydia
Great cues for the QL stretches!
Great cues for the QL stretches!

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