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Season 1 - Episode 6

Deep in the Core

20 min - Practice


Lydia offers a supine sequence designed to strengthen and stabilize the core. She guides us to move intelligently with the breath. It will be helpful if you've watched the earlier episode Breath Support for Athletes.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Sep 30, 2015
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(waves crashing) Hi. So let's take a look at some deeper core work and we're gonna do most of this on the back. If you didn't watch the breath session, the first bit of that breath session, will talk ...


Woo-ee! My core was talking to me during that whole practice! Thanks for waking up its stagnant energy :)
Awesome practice! I truly enjoyed it, Thank you Lydia :)
Ashley, so glad you enjoyed it.
There will be a couple more practices coming out next week for a new season of Yoga For Athletes. Please let me know what you think of them. :)
I can't wait. This was the first practice I've done with you and certainly wont be the last. Your precise cueing and creative approach is impressive and helped me push my limits a little more than usual. (by the way I really dig your hair)
Hi Ashley. You are too sweet. haha Thank you. So happy we're practicing together.
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Namasté and thank you for this sequence. I love your sweet voice, and the small alignments you are teaching in the pose. Silke
Hi Silke. Thanks for saying and for practicing with me. Happy and Safe Holiday season to you and your family. Lydia
This really tapped into my core, I felt muscles I wasn't aware of. I appreciate your gentle coaching and taking time on the positioning. Thank you Lydia.
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I love doing this, but my lower back is really stressed when both arms and legs are used. How can take the pressure off my low back, and still benefit in the core? Thank you Lydia.
Hi Joan Great question.
Try these things and let me know how it feels.
Find your two frontal hip bone points. When doing the work, try squeezing these together and drawing them down into your abdomen slightly. You don't have to obliterate your lower back curve however.
Keep more points of contact with the ground. Try not using your arms or not using your legs in the exercise. Alternate.
Make the movements smaller and bend your elbows and your knees more. This might help make your limbs feel lighter and easier to manage.
LOVE. Lydia Zamorano
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