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Your Body on Yoga

Season 3

Lower Appendage

In Season 3 of Your Body on Yoga, we unpack the anatomy of the lower appendage including the legs and feet. We explore our habitual movement patterns and how we can invite more balance into our bodies.



Szilvia K
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Kristin, I am learning so much from you, it is great to see that getting into great postures is not what makes a yogi and seeing what our bodies do, our bones and muscles react when we ask them to do something they are meant to makes my understanding so much deeper. I tend to push myself (dealing with high expectations) but your explanations make me understand things on a different level. I ramble because I am so excited, these information you share us with, gives us freedom and free us up from a lot of expectations we put on ourselves. So thank you gorgeous lady! Have a wonderful day! 

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