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Season 4 - Episode 1

Welcome to Winter Solstice

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All good things are born in the dark, and on the darkest day of the year the sun is reborn. Join Kira, Alana, and Eden for a special Winter Solstice celebration full of practices that ground us in the dim depths so we may fully appreciate the light within.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Dec 14, 2015
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Will there be another post/video that is longer for the winter Equinox tomorrow? My heritage is Swedish...we love this celebration!
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A practice " support my courage to move into the day..." A potent intention as we move into this winter season. Happy solstice to all, and thank you!
Dearest Ashley, thank you for being here with us and Happy Solstice. Xok
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Hello hello beautifuls,
winter equinox ? there is not such thing !
as the night' duration is far from being equal to the day in this season...
Dear Alba, you are so right! I edited this. Thanks for letting us know!

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