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Season 3 - Episode 6

Full Circle Flow

60 min - Practice


Rosemary shares a full body essential flow to create space, generate heat, and develop strength from the inside out. The pace and sequence builds progressively as we move through Surya Namaskars (Sun Salutations) and a mandala of hip opening postures and shapes before moving to the ground for hip-opening and backbending. Your legs, hips, shoulders, and side body will feel strong, alive, and satisfied.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Alison L
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Beautiful flow and perfect pace
Rosemary Garrison
Thanks, Alison! So happy to hear you enjoyed it. Have a beautiful day.
Suzanne L
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Thank you for the lovely flow!
Rosemary Garrison
You're most welcome, Suzanne. Thank *you*!
Amy S
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Loved this flow!
Gabriel W
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Lovely invigorating practice. Thankyou
Kate M
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That was delightful! Thank you! Lovely sequencing, great pacing, good cues ; )
Rosemary Garrison
Thank you, both Gabriel & Kate! I'm so happy you enjoyed it. Happy day!
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Thanks so much for this beautiful practice. I look forward to seeing you again in class in a couple of days. :)
Rosemary Garrison
Thanks, Lori! Me too. It's such a joy to have you in Ojai this month. : ) I will be there tomorrow and Saturday... then away for a week for a little solo retreat time. Hope to see you before I go!
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