Wait for It Yin at the Wall

35 min
What You'll Need:
Mat, Wall, Blanket, Block (2)
With the support of the wall, Kate guides us in a nurturing Yin practice to find ease in the quads, thighs, hips, groin, and lower back. You will feel at peace with what is.
May 11, 2017
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Just what my tired legs and back needed on a friday afternoon like this. My students will LOVE it. Thank you!
1 mo ago

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love, love, love, love.
1 mo ago

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This is great. Sometimes life just requires so much yoga! I really like to place a strap around my legs--on the thighs not far from the knees--in viparita karani (pardon the spelling) - it allows my legs to relax very deeply, and feel that descent of the femurs into the pelvic girdle. Thanks, and happy Sunday!
28 days ago

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