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Season 1 - Episode 7

Awakening the Ten Bodies

30 min - Practice


Sukhdev guides us in a beautiful practice to awaken the Ten Bodies. We work with breath and movement to promote balance, overall wellness, and energy.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Sukhdev, thank you for this practice. It surely moves a lot of qi/prana/energy. Interestingly, my stiff and achy sacrum feels better after this sequence BUT I woke up with a congestion and sore throat... wonder if the released "dirty" energy from my sacrum made me sick... just curious if you have something to add to my experience... (obviously there may not be any connection)
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I loved practicing with you this morning Sukhdev, thank you! Sat Nam.
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Thank you, Sukhdev! I love this practice! I have so much energy by the end, I have a really hard time lying down in savasana. Is it absolutely necessary to lay down immediately following to integrate the effects of the kriya, or can I sit for a while to let the energy subside a bit? Sat Nam
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I commit to 40 days of practicing 10 Bodies.
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Thank you so much for your vibrant energy and for sharing the benefits of the kriyas.
You are magic! So far my favorite on this site. Thank you deeply.
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I love my time with you every day (almost), awakening the 10 bodies. 
I'm not sure if I would enjoy this practice so much if it weren't you doing it. I love your speaking, never tire of it.
I've been experiencing dizziness, not sure if it started in conjunction with me starting this practice, but close. I don't want to stop, but I'm wondering if it could have anything to do with it.
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Rose thank you Rose, so glad you joined us! 
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Steve Dear Steve, thank you for reaching out. It's possible that it released something that was under the surface. Kriyas are strong and we are 99 percent energy, so this type of work may do it. What do you get when you tune in? We like to look as what people call "Getting sick" as a "Healing". The body is ready to release and no longer needs to hold that so it pushes it out. Does that help?
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Sara Great that you are loving the kriya. Yes you can sit still to integrate. Either sit for a few mins or lie down. If it's challenging for you to lie down right after, give it a few mins but I would encourage giving yourself the time to integrate. It's like pressing save into your cells - similar to  pressing  save a word doc on your computer. Hope that helps. Blessings and keep up! 
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