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Season 5 - Episode 4

Strong & Grounded Flow

30 min - Practice


Sarah guides us through a fluid vinyasa sequence with a focus on strengthening and energizing the legs while opening and strengthening our hips. You will feel strong and rooted.
What You'll Need: Mat

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I'm ready to feel Strong & Grounded!
Hi Christine! I am so happy to hear that you are feeling strong and grounded! Happy to be practicing together!
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This was a delightful well balanced sequence. Enjoyed the repetitions ending in bird of paradise.  Can't wait to do more.  Thank you Sarah.
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Hi Christel! So happy to be practicing together and glad that you enjoyed this sequence! Stay close and let me know how it is going! All the best, Sarah
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Hi Sarah! These compact practices are the perfect solution to the problem of carving out time for asana on super busy workdays. This practice is creative, energizing, and all around wonderful. Thanks so much! 
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Hi Lori! So nice to hear from you and happy to hear that these shorter practices are helpful on busy days! I hope you are having a beautiful summer so far! 
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Thanks Sarah. A challenging and intricate practice that required concentration balance and a sense of fun. My arms were found places they had never been before.  I enjoyed the repetition and felt the flow and dance of the movement. I did jazz dance at The Pineapple Dance Studio,  Convent Garden London in the 90s, and it's still going strong. Namaste. 
Hi Glenford - The Pineapple Dance Studio sounds so fun! I love London! All the best from Los Angeles! 
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Sarah, this was awesome. On the second janu sirsasana the only thought I had was, I love yoga so much. And the biggest impact is on how I feel, balanced and relaxed to the point of floating, so not very grounded, lol. Thank you for this class!
Hi shandi - Thank you so much for reaching out and I am so happy to hear that this was a good practice for you! I love how your thoughts were "I love yoga so much" haha - couldn't agree more! Warm regards, Sarah
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