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30-Minute Yoga Flows

Season 5

Sarah Beston

In Season 5, Sarah guides us through practices that are energizing, grounding, detoxifying, strengthening, and opening. As we go deep into the postures, we tap into the wisdom of the body resulting in a calm, still mind.


Kimberley H
Another season with Sarah Beston?!? Delightful!
Sarah Beston
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So happy to be practicing together this season, KH! Happy New Year!
Ruth E
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Love this show!🙏❤
Sarah Beston
Hi Ruth! So happy you love the show and happy to be practicing together here!
Finally able to get back into a proper practice following knee surgery....and what a way to do it! great back feels amazing 😊 lovely flow - thank you ! 
Sumana Ramanan D
Your flows are so wonderful: layered poses, precise instructions, calm tone. 

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