Yoga for Our Nature Artwork
Season 4 - Episode 7

Earth and Air Balancing

30 min - Practice


Melina guides us in a slow class with a keen focus on precision, alignment, and breath. With the support of a strap we tune in to diaphragmatic breathing as we move through our postures.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)


Very cool that I still feel the strap around me even after the practice...perhaps I will be consciously breathing diaphramatically all day!
how lovely, enjoy your day with this new awareness.
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Thank you, Melina. Your use of props, in this case a strap, to create greater awareness of whichever part of the body on which you wish us to focus is truly inspired.
Thank you for this! I needed a little diaphramatic inspiration today! This was a blessing!
Dear Melina: 

< div>I have been maintaining a steady yin practice in San Francisco; and I just moved to El Cerrito, coinciding with my studio opening up another branch in close proximity to you.  You may remember I attended one of your classes; and you said I am more familiar with your sequences than you are!    At the very least, I would love for you to meet with kindred spirits.  If interested, please text or contact me, at 415 407-8327, for more information.  Sincerely, ~ Peter Ferber 
Great practice! Thanks, Melina!
Really appreciated the grounding effects of this practice. Thank you, Melina!

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great practice! loved it 

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