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Yoga for Our Nature

Season 4

Vitality Boost

Embrace your ever-changing nature. In Season 4, Melina shares a series of accessible yoga practices to inspire new ways of moving slowly with intention. Together, with the support of props, you will feel an increase in mobility and core strength, an immune system boost, and in general, will feel more awesome in your body.


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Janet S
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Melina..what an awesome series. I have done 3 of the episodes and love this wonderful stretch! Thank you
Kate Y
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Hi, Melina,  I find your practices very strengthening.  I appreciate that the practices are at a level where I can stay with you- I find that some of the teachers start at one level and then rapidly progress in difficulty o wheret are unavailable to me.  Very very nice.  Soothing, informative, inspiring.  Thank you!

Elizabeth M
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Hi, Kate Y! So happy you are enjoying Melina's pacing and inviting presence, and the availability of her practices.  We do too! We are filming a 5th season of this show with Melina to be released in the summer - we hope you love it! You might also like to check out her Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Ayurveda Challenges. You can find them on her teacher page here, under "Shows With Melina". Thank you for being with us! 🙏 

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