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Living the Yamas and Niyamas Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 10

Tapas (Self-Discipline)

45 min - Practice


We stoke the fire of transformation, tuning into Tapas or self-discipline. We begin with fluid movements to release tension and warm and mobilize the joints before moving into an energizing and heating practice that focuses on arm, leg, and core strength.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi Robert. It’s great to see you again. This practice was a lot of fun! I feel effervescently energised after it. Usually when I see “tapas” a (not so) little part of me goes, what?! More hard work?! But this felt different and a lesson to me that enjoyment can show up in unexpected places if you give it a chance. Hope you’re having a great day. I intend to! 🙌🏻
"Effervescently energized", I have not heard that one, love it Debra !! Yes, enjoyment and pleasure can definitely show up in unexpected places - we won't know if we don't give it a shot - glad you stayed the course and stayed :) I did have a great day yesterday, will today as well as I hope you do too!! 
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What a fun practice this was with some of your tapas wisdom intertwined.  Can't or don't want to think we're almost done with this series.  It's been great and we can always go back and repeat, al- though one always wants a "new" "fresh" one to check into.
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I was about to quit as it is one of those days where you are feeling down. I had options though: go back to previous classes or give it a try... Here I am full of energy 👊🏽. Thanks 
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Luna so glad you showed up here, and did sometime for yourself especially on a day you were feeling down. Thanks for practicing with us! xo, Ashley from Yoga Anytime
Thank you, Robert. I am hoping that there will be another challenge with you posted on YogaAnytime. I am so thankful for these sessions.
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Anne Marie we'll have new content from Robert in the near future. Stay close!

Warm wishes, 
Ashley from Yoga Anytime :)

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