Your 30-Minute Go-to Yoga Sequence Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 5

Go-to Sequence 2 v.4

30 min - Practice


Rosemary guides us in an expansive and strong go-sequence with a focus on building strength in the arms, legs, and core while finding a deep opening in the heart, back, and hips. You will feel open and powerful.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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Welcome, everyone. Let's dive right in. Meet me at the top of the mat with the feet together, hands to prayer at the heart. Take one inhale. Ground through the feet. Exhale. And then inhale, reach the arms out and up. Take one of the left wrist and the right hand. Exhale to the right. Inhale. Come back to center. Shift to the other side. Exhale. Left. Inhale. Draw it back to center. Exhale. Reach back. Interlace the fingers. Inhale. Open through the heart. Take a generous bend in the knees and exhale. Fold forward. Ease the arms up and over and move your breath and your awareness into your shoulders. Three. Soft through the neck. Two. With your exhale, just release the hands to the earth. Keep that bend in the knees. Inhale. Roll yourself all the way to stand. And exhale. Release the shoulders down the back. Feet together. Hands to the heart. Surinamaskara A. Inhale. Reach out and up. Fold forward. Exhale. Out and down. Inhale. Come halfway. With the exhale, let's step into plank and hold. Fire up the whole body. Energy out through the feet, the heart, the crown. Pull the belly in and up. Really wake it all up. Starting to generate the heat, the tapas, the fire. Stay for your inhale. And exhale. Lower the knees. All the way down. Inhale to cobra at your own edge. Legs are strong. Exhale. Release back to the earth. And press it up. Inhale. Tuck the toes. Exhale. Downward facing dog. Send the heels to the earth. Lift the sit bones to the sky. And roll the shoulders away from the ears. Opening the back body. Just one more inhale. Bottom of the exhale. Bending the knees. Hop or step to the front of your mat. Inhale. Flat back. Halfway. Exhale. Right back down into the hold. Strong center. Inhale. All the way up. Exhale. Hands to the heart. Again. Inhale. Reach it up. Exhale. Fold forward. Inhale. Reach halfway. Extend through the heart. Root the hands. Hop or step back. Exhale. Lower chaturanga dandasana. Inhale. Upward facing dog. Lift the heart. Exhale. Take it back. Downward facing dog. Breathing into it. Just for three. Finding the breath. Synchronizing the breath and the body. Diving into your practice. Bottom of the exhale. Bending the knees. Hop or step it forward. Inhale. Halfway.

Exhale. Bow and fold. Inhale. Come all the way up. Reaching it out. Exhale. Hands to the heart. Last cycle. Inhale to rise. Exhale to fold. Long spine. Inhale. Reach it out. Root the hands. Hop or step back. And exhale. Lower chaturanga. Inhale. Lift your heart. Exhale. Go back. Downward facing dog. Take one breath here. Press the hands deep into the earth. Strong upper body. On your inhale. Reach the right leg to the sky. Exhale. Open the hip. Bending the knee. Inhale. Right back up. Exhale. Knee outside. Right elbow. Pull the belly to the spine. Super strong core. Inhale. Back up. Exhale. Knee to nose and step the right foot between the hands. Left hand grounding. Inhale. Reach. Right arm to the sky. Wide open through the heart. Simple twist. Stay for your inhale. Exhale. Release. Right hand down. Lower the back knee down. Low lunge. Let's build the foundation first. Hands to the front thigh. Guide your hips forward but lift the belly. Keep this or inhale. Reach the arms up. And with your exhale, interlace the hands behind the head. Think about the heart rising to the sky. Stay for a breath. Then inhale. Extend it straight up. Exhale.

Release. Hands to the earth. Hips pulled back for your half split. Arda Hanamanasana. Shine the heart out. Inhale. Deepen the fold. Exhale. Then directly forward with the inhale. Bend the front knee. Exhale. Tuck the back toes. Lift back. Knee legs are so strong. Inhale. Take that up into your high lunge crescent. Sitting deeper. And as you exhale, draw the elbows out to the side for a cactus. Back of the heart rising up and through. Welcome the beginnings of a back bend. And then inhale. Reach it up. And with your exhale, release. Hands to the earth. Step back into plank. Chaturanga Dandasana. Keep the heat building. Inhale. Heart up. Exhale. Take it back. Left leg. Inhale to the sky. Exhale. Open the hip and the knee. Inhale. Back up. Exhale. Knee outside. Left elbow. Inhale. Reach it up. Exhale. Step it forward. Ground the right hand. Inhale. Left arm to the sky. Open it up. Simple twist. Heart rising big. Inhale. Exhale. Left hand down. Lower the back knee. Low lunge. Again. Build the foundation. Strong, steady support. And then if you choose, inhale.

Reach the arms up. And exhale. Interlace the hands behind the head. Ease back into it. Let the heart rise. Give it a breath. Inhale. Arms up. Exhale. Hands to the earth. Hips pull back. Half split. Inhale. Shine the heart out. Exhale. Deepen into the fold. Hello to the hamstring muscles. Inhale. Come forward. Bend the front knee. Exhale. Tuck the back toes. Lift the back knee. Press the feet into the earth. Rise on your inhale. High lunge. Press and sit down into it. And exhale. Bend at the elbows. Cactus the arms. Lift the heart to the sky. And then inhale. Reach it back up. Exhale. Hands to the earth. Step into your plank. And lower. Chaturanga. Inhale. Lift the heart. Up dog. Exhale. Take it back. One dog. Give the body a breath or two here. With your next inhale. Take the right leg to the sky. Exhale. Open the hip again. Bending the knee. Inhale. Directly back up. Exhale. Knee outside right elbow. Hover here. Stay for your inhale. Stay for your exhale. Build that strength. Inhale. Take the right leg back to the sky. Exhale. Knee to nose. Step the foot forward. Spin the back heel down. Warrior two. Inhale. Rise. Exhale. Sit down into it. Super strong legs. Let's dance. Inhale. Lengthen the legs. Reach the arms up. Exhale.

Sink into it. Inhale to reach. Exhale. Sit back down. Inhale. Rise. Exhale. Open into warrior two. Then a big inhale. Reverse your warrior. And give this a moment. A breath or two. Right into the side body. And then inhale. Let the torso rise. Exhale. Into side angle. For him to thigh or hand to earth. Reach left arm up and over. Keep drawing the left shoulder blade down the back. Breathe into the whole side body. Another breath. Cross through the feet. Strong center. Inhale. Lift. Back into warrior two. Exhale. Reverse again. And then slowly inhale. Let's lengthen the right leg. Use the strength of your right quad muscles. Lift the kneecaps. Keep the legs super strong. Use that core strength for the transition. Inhale. Rise. And exhale. Reach it way, way out. Then down. Trikonasana. Lift the right hand wherever it serves. Reach the left arm to the sky. Take one breath in the traditional pose. If you choose to stay here, beautiful. If you want, inhale. Reach the left arm up and over alongside the ear. And then add the right arm. Working the strength of the core. Holding here. Reach through the fingertips. Three. Two. And then we'll press through the feet. Inhale to rise. And with the exhale, spin the feet to parallel. Hands to the hips for Prasarita Padottanasana A. Inhale, heart lifting. Exhale to fold. Hands to the earth. Inhale, lengthen it out. And exhale, just deepen into your fold. Completely surrender the weight of the neck. Tip a little weight forward into the front of the feet. Two more breaths. And then inhale. We'll lengthen halfway up. Exhale. Turn the toes out. Heels in for Skandhasana. Bend the left knee. Ease over to the left. Maybe the right foot rises a little. And then, if you want to challenge it, take the hands to prayer at the heart center for the transition. Inhale to center. Exhale to the right. Give it a moment. And then again, inhale center. And exhale to the left. You can always keep the hands down. Inhale center. Exhale to the right. Then inhale, draw it back to center. Exhale, just release into the fold. Hands to the earth. Lengthen it halfway. And then exhale, pivot to the right. Hands inside of that front foot for Lizard. We're going to lower the back knee.

Release the forearms down to the earth if that's available to you. And then deepen into it. Right knee hugging in or opening out. If this is enough, it's enough. If you feel for it, right hand back for the left foot. Breathing into the left quad muscles. Another breath here. Big inhale. Complete exhale. If you have the foot, let it go. Inhale, walk the upper body back in and up. Exhale, hands either side of the front foot. Pull the hips back, revisiting Ardha Hanamanasana. Inhale, shine through the heart. Exhale, melt into your fold. Directly forward. Inhale, bend the front knee. Exhale, tuck the back toes. Lift the knees, step into plank, and lower Chaturanga. Inhale, heart lifting, up dog. Exhale, go back, down dog. One breath. Feel your center. Inhale, left leg to the sky. Exhale, open the hip. Inhale, back up. Exhale, left knee outside the left elbow. Building strength and heat. Stay for your inhale. Stay for your exhale. Inhale, back to the sky. Exhale, knee to nose, and then step it through. Root the back heel. Right arm opens you. Inhale, warrior two. Exhale, sit down into it. Legs strong. Finding the dance. Inhale to rise.

Inhale, bend the knee, reach the arms out. Inhale, rise. Exhale, open and sink down. Once again, inhale. And exhale, keep the foundation. Inhale, reverse your warrior. Take a full breath into that side body. And then inhale, reach up. Exhale, side angle, forearm to thigh or hand to earth. Extend the right arm up and over. Keep the shoulder down the back. Strong center. Another breath here. And then ground the feet. Inhale, lift it back into your warrior two. Exhale, reverse again. Slowly with the strength of the legs. Inhale, lengthen the left leg. Press down through the foot. Reach it back. And then inhale, rise. And exhale, reach out and down. Trikonasana, second side. Again, one breath in the classic pose. You're welcome to stay here or inhale, reach the right arm up and over. Keep the shoulder blade down the back. And then add the left arm using the core strength. Holding three. Two. And then inhale, float up. And exhale, spin the feet to parallel. Interlace hands behind the back. Press ready to see. Inhale, lift the heart. Exhale, fold it forward. Ease the arms up and over. All that heat and fire and energy you're generating goes into the shoulders. Creating opening and space. One more breath. Soft neck and jaw. And then simply stay in your fold as you exhale, release the hands to the earth. Inhale, long spine. Gently look forward. Exhale, walk the hands out for hammock. And release the heart to the earth.

That sweet spot between the shoulder blades just dissolving, melting in the fire of the flow. One more breath. Inhale, walk the hands back in under the shoulders. See the left foot. Exhale, pivot back to the front of the mat for lizard. Hands inside. Lower the back knee. Stay here or release to forearms and elbows. Knee in or release it out. And then keep this or left hand goes back for the right foot. Deep stretch for the right quad muscles. Breathe into it. Be kind to the knees. One more big inhale. And with your exhale, if you have the foot, let it go from the fold. Inhale, walk upper body back in and up. Exhale, hands either side of the front foot. Draw the hips back. Arrta Hanuman. Inhale, heart shines. Exhale, fold. And then inhale, simply come forward. Bend the front knee. Exhale, tuck back toes. Lift the knee. Step into plank and lower. Chaturanga. Inhale, let the heart lift. Exhale, go back. Downward facing dog. Give the body two breaths here. And then at the bottom of your exhale, soft bend in the knees. Hop or step to the front of the mat. Exhale to lengthen. Exhale, fold. Strong center coming all the way back up. Flat back. Inhale, rise. And exhale, draw the hands home to the heart. Samastitihi. Steady your gaze and your breath. Let's take this into the balance. Root the right foot. Take the left foot into tree pose. Strong standing leg, strong center line. Keep the hands at the heart. Or inhale, reach the arms to the sky. You might even challenge the balance by lifting the gaze for three. Exhale, step the left foot down, hands to the heart if they've lifted. Inhale, right foot in and up. Tree, second side. Again, hands where they are. Or inhale, let the arms rise and breathe three, two. Exhale, step the right foot down, hands home to the heart if they've lifted. Then bending the knees. Inhale, scoop it up. Utkatasana. Exhale directly down into your fold. With your inhale, lengthen halfway. And this time as you exhale, simply step into plank. Pause super strong and engage through the center. Take a big inhale. And then keep the arms really strong and engaged. Exhale, let's lower all the way down through Chaturanga to the earth in preparation for Shalabhasana. Let's come directly into the first variation. Arms alongside the body. Palms up. Take a big inhale. Lift the legs the head, the chest. Feel the back muscles engaging. Feel the hamstring muscles engaging. That whole back body firing. Really strong. Lift it up. Inhale. Exhale, simply release. Stack the palms, rest the forehead. Big inhale. Exhale. You're welcome to repeat that or clasp the hands behind the back. And inhale, lift legs, head, chest, up, arms up. Breathe through the heart and shine it out. Stay for an inhale. And exhale, melt it back down. Hands outside of the rib cage. With your inhale, let's press directly up onto the hands and the knees.

Ground on the exhale. And then just a subtle fluctuation through your cat-cow. Kind of neutralize and clear the spine. And then we'll set up for Kamal. Pad the knees if you like. Start with the hands on the hips. Please feel free to stay with this variation. Just rising the heart from there or reach back for the heels. Hips move forward, heart reaches up. And the head can kind of be neutral or drop back. Listen to the neck and stay with this for three. Two. Use the legs and the core. Inhale to lift. And exhale, let's simply sit back. Let the body settle. Take an inhale. And an exhale. Building the energies of the back bend. Come on back up. Again, hands to the hips or reaching back for the heels. Second round of Kamal. Heart shining up. Three. Two. Use the legs and the core to come up. Inhale, rise. Exhale, sit down. And then let's release into child's just for two or three breaths. Hips to heels, spine long, arms extending, forehead resting on the earth. Take it right down the length of the spine into the low back. One more breath. And then inhale, let's float to the hands and the knees. Exhale, tuck the toes, lift back into your down dog. Coming into pigeon. Inhale, right leg sails to the sky. Exhale, draw it forward. Support that right hip glute area as needed. And then take a big inhale, lengthen and exhale. Extend out and down. Move the heat and energy you've generated into right hip and glute muscles.

Let it unwind. I'm going to give this at least five or six breaths. So let yourself surrender into it. If you're content here, enjoy what you've got. If you feel for a variation, you can lift the torso a little, thread the left arm to the right. Ease the left side of the head to the earth and then reach the right arm up and back. Maybe find that left hip area. Twisting away from right hip to deepen the stretch. Unwinding. And then slowly with the inhale, walk the upper body back in and up. Tuck the back toes, lift the back knee. Let's sail right leg back to the sky. Shake it out. Let it go. Down dog. Second side. Inhale, lift. Left leg. Exhale into pigeon. Establish the base. Support it as needed. Lengthen it up. And exhale. Release out and down. Notice where any tension, soreness, junkiness is. Take your breath and your awareness there. And again, if you're content in this variation, beautiful. Enjoy it. Otherwise, lift a little, thread that right arm under, adding a little twist through the upper body and then reach left arm and wrap it behind towards the right hip. Breathing here. One more breath. And then unwinding slowly. If you're in the fold, fold slowly. Walk it back in and up. Planting the hands. Tuck the back toes. Inhale, reach left leg back to the sky. Shake it out a little. Let it go. A little returning to down dog. Pausing here or taking the vinyasa to clear that out. Plank on the inhale. Chaturanga. Exhale. Lift the heart. And exhale. Go back. Downward facing dog. From here, at the bottom of your exhale, you'll take a soft bend in the knees and hopper step through to sit. Coming into dandasana, seated staff. Root the sit bones. Lengthen the spine.

Just take one more breath here, feeling the energy of the central channel. Strong through the center line. And then let's bend the knees. Plant the feet in preparation for navasana. Strong through the core. Lift it up. Pick up the feet. If there's any tenderness in the low back, keep your hands there. Otherwise, reach it out. Knees bent or legs straight. Holding three. Two. Plant the feet. Plant the hands back behind you and press into the earth. Rise on the inhale for your reverse table. Head neutral or let it fall back. Listen to the neck. Stay for the inhale. And exhale. Release. Hips to the earth. One last cycle of navasana. Take hold. Pick it up. Your expression. Knees bent or legs straight. Holding our arms out for three. And two. Exhale. Simply release and let's roll all the way down onto the back. Gently hug the knees in towards the chest. Just releasing that low back for a moment. Plant the feet. Coming into bridge. Ground through all four corners of the feet. Scoop the tailbone. Lift the hips to the sky. Arms at rest or interlace the fingers behind the back. Crawl shoulders in and under. A full three breaths here. Opening the front body.

Right into the heart, the solar plexus, deep belly, thighs. Big inhale. And exhale. Release. Standing down and let's take it into our supported inversion. So you'll grab your block and slide it under your sacrum at any height. You'll know what feels best. And then once it's pretty stable, take one leg to the sky. If you need to make a slight adjustment in the placement of the block, do so. And then the other leg. Rest the arms. And begin to slow it all way, way down. Intentionally build the heat, the fire of the practice to burn it up, to clear it out. And then we give the body and the nervous system time to integrate and settle. Let's take one more breath here. And then slowly bending the knees, step one foot and then the other to the earth. Remove the block, melt from top to bottom of spine down. Supta baddha kanasana. Soles of the feet together, knees open. Let's take the arms up and over. The thumbs touch, the first fingers touch, making a diamond with arms and hands and legs. Breathing into it, letting the body melt into the earth. And then simply draw the knees together, hug your legs in towards your chest, rocking just a little. And then let the knees fall to the right, twisting to release the low back, reach left arm out to the left, heavy through that left shoulder. Breathing down the length of the spine into low back and sacrum. Three, two. Let your inhale draw you back to center. You might move the hips to the right just a little. And then exhale, knees fall to the left and reach the right arm out, heavy through right shoulder. Soft gaze past the right fingertips or close your eyes. Take the breath where you need it. Three, two. Bringing it all out. Any last little remnants you want to clear, let them go. And then inhale, draw it back to center. As you exhale, let's curl the knees in and lift the head to meet the knees. Tiny little ball of energy. Stay for your inhale. Exhale, let it all go. The legs extend and roll open, the arms rest, palms roll open. The body releasing for shavasana, the mind and the heart following.

Take an inhale, let it out the mouth. Exhale and drop down. Resting, resting, resting. If you have the desire, the time and space, of course, stay in your shavasana as long as you'd like. As you're ready, drawing awareness back, expanding the breath. And with an inhale, extending the arms. With an exhale, bending the knees, feet to the earth. Let's roll to the right and guide the body all the way up to a comfortable seat. Resting the hands, closing the eyes. Take a mindful breath here, transitioning from your practice into the rest of your day or evening. And carrying the energy of your practice with you into the next moments. Hands to prayer at heart center, bowing to yourself. Thank you for joining me. Namaste.


Jenny S
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There was much to love about this version today...lots of expansive heart opening and nifty little variations from the previous “Rosemary Practice”. I also liked the arm and hand thingy during supta baddha konasana, which I’ll definitely be doing often during this pose in the future 💎😉
Kira Sloane
Jenny, we all love your sincere participation here so much. xok
Chris C
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Great practice and way to start the day! Thank you! XO
7 people like this.
v much enjoyed this - including the extra twist with pigeon pose - hadn't seen this before. thanks. :)
Donnah R
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Really good flow
Rosemary Garrison
Thanks, Jenny . I adore the feedback... especially the detail around the diamond. ; ) Be safe, be well. 
Rosemary Garrison
Thank you, Chris ! Smooches. 
Rosemary Garrison
Thank you, Matthew . I love that you discovered something new. I was so happy when I learned that added twist in pigeon as I think it opens the outer hip in a way nothing else quite can. Enjoy! 
Rosemary Garrison
Thanks, Donnah ! It's a joy to share. 
Kate M
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Really lovely sequence! Loved this version : ) Thanks, Rosemary : )
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