30-Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 7 - Episode 2

Playing Around the Center Line

30 min - Practice


Rosemary leads a dynamic practice to find and play around our center line. We drop into the body in warming Sun Salutes, and move into a rhythmic standing sequence including Warrior 3, Pyramid, and Twisting Triangle to challenging the balance, strengthen the legs and hips, and find space in the body. You will feel relaxed and recharged.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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Hi Rosemary! Lovely to see you here again. These 30-minute practices are so beneficial for busy days when I want to get some glow going in a short amount of time. Did I say “glow” ? I meant sweat! And I feel terrific for it! Many thanks 🙏🏻
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Wow that was a challenge! My glutes feel like jelly - thank you for these new classes :)
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Hi that was a hard 30 mins but I soppose it’s in the mind to see it through those Warrior 3 to crescent lunge Crickey!!...it’s certainly hits the glutes nice to see you back Rosemary .
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That was so beautiful, sooo blissful! Ahhh... So good to flow with your gently encouraging instruction, Rosemary! Love.
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So delighted to find another series by you! I loved this flow and feel wonderful😊🌼💛
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Wow...that was so good!
Thank you, Jenny S ! I love the sweat and the glow! ; ) Thank you oh so much for sharing in the flow. 
Yay! Thank you, Julie M . So happy to be able to share them in these challenging times. Be well. 
Thank you, Peter M ! Yes, so very much of it is in the mind- Crickey indeed! So happy to know you're sharing in the flow with us. Be well. 
Thank you, dear Kate M . It feels so good to know you're sharing the practice and feeling the bliss! Love to you. 
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