30-Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 7 - Episode 2

Playing Around the Center Line

30 min - Practice


Rosemary leads a dynamic practice to find and play around our center line. We drop into the body in warming Sun Salutes, and move into a rhythmic standing sequence including Warrior 3, Pyramid, and Twisting Triangle to challenging the balance, strengthen the legs and hips, and find space in the body. You will feel relaxed and recharged.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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Welcome, everyone. Thank you so much for joining me. Let's take a comfortable seat. Feel free to prop up the sit bones if you'd like. Soft gaze or close the eyes and we'll drop right in just a few moments of pranayama before we begin to move. Begin by contacting the natural rhythm of your breath. Kind of feel that rise and fall. We're going to be playing with sustaining connection with the center line of energy through the spine, through Sushum Nanadi, as everything else twists and circles and rises and falls to cultivate that connection to center and to balance. So to facilitate that, let's take a simple inhale from root to crown and an exhale from crown to root. Synchronizing our breath first by taking a big inhale and then go ahead and open the mouth and exhale. Clear it all out. Inhale through the nose from root to crown. Exhale from crown to root. Inhale root to crown. Visualize that flow of energy. Exhale crown to root. Three more cycles just the breath. Exhaling root to crown. Exhaling crown to root. Again inhale rise. Exhale ground. Last cycle inhale rise. Exhale ground. Beautiful hands to prayer heart center. Together a big inhale. Taking a moment to align your practice with your intention. Anything at all you'd like to clear out or welcome in. And then go ahead and take a big inhale reaching the arms out and up. Let's interlace the fingers and exhale. Press the palms to the sky. Feel that center line again. So you're lifting deep belly all the way up through the central channel and then welcome just a little lift through the heart and maybe the gaze. Offer it. Stay for one more big inhale. With the exhale let's rock it forward. Come on up to the hands and the knees unraveling the legs. Root through base of thumb and first fingers. Simple cat cow with your inhale. Lifting tailbone heart gaze. Slide the shoulders down the back. Exhale rounding belly to spine releasing the weight of the head. And again a big inhale lifting tailbone heart gaze. Exhale rounding belly to spine. Just once again together a big inhale lift tailbone heart gaze. Offer it up. Exhale rounding belly to spine. Release the weight of the head. Good. Then inhale just drop back to a neutral spine. Keep grounding through the hands. Tuck the toes. Exhale let's take it all the way up and back into downward facing dog. About three, four, five breaths here. Easing in. Pedal the feet. Shift hips side to side. Warm through the backs of the legs. Three. Good. Two. And then find stillness in your down dog. With your next inhale ripple forward into your plank pose. And with your exhale go ahead and lower the knees. Elbows hug in. Come all the way to the earth. Inhale just a gentle cobra. Lift through the heart. Shoulders melt down the back. And with the exhale take it all the way back. Downward facing dog. Then again root through hands from here.

With your inhale sweep the right leg to the sky. And with your exhale open the hip. Bend the knee. Inhale directly back up to the sky. With your exhale float the right foot forward between the hands. Lift to your fingertips. Then inhale sink down through the hips. Reach through the heart and the back heel. As you exhale lift the hips. Pull belly to spine. Let the head fall rounding a little. Once again inhale extending. Exhale round curl in belly to spine. Good then inhale just come back to neutral. Deep bend in the front knee. Ground on your exhale. Connect with center. And from there inhale we rise up. High lunge crescent pose. With your exhale sink down through the hips and keep drawing that deep low belly in and up to stabilize for a moment. And again feel your center line. Then big inhale. Exhale press the palms interlace the fingers just release index fingers. Inhale let the heart rise. Exhale ease just about halfway forward. Pause. Feel that incredible strength that line of energy through arms spine back leg. You're welcome to stay here or we rise on the inhale into warrior three. Taking the arms back alongside the body or any arm variation you feel for holding steady. Three. Use the breath. Two. Nice. Stay for your inhale and then slowly on the exhale bend that right knee float the left foot back then inhale we lift through the arms returning to high lunge crescent. Exhale sink down through the whole bowl of the pelvis then inhale lift the heart to the sky. Offer it. And with your exhale release hands to the earth step back into your plank pose. We're going to pause here shoulders over wrists belly rising energy through feet heart crown holding and building the heat for three. Hug the energy into the midline. Hug the muscles in towards the bones. One more breath. Yes then big inhale here and with your exhale lower knees or chaturanga dandasana inhale cobra or upward facing dog heart rising shoulders back and down and exhale take it home downward facing dog take a big inhale together open the mouth exhale get rid of it. Yes with the next inhale reach left leg to the sky exhale open the hip and the knee inhale take it back to the sky and with the exhale float the left foot forward between the hands lift to the fingertips sink the hips inhale reach out through the back heel through the heart exhale lift the hips let the back around a little head falls once again inhale right into those right hip flexors exhale rounding good then inhale just kind of back to neutral strong bend in the front knee exhale root into the earth connect with your center and from there we inhale rise high lunge crescent second side exhale descend through the hips yes feel central channel feel your own center we come back to it again and again and again yeah stay here press the palms interlace index fingers rise stay for your inhale lift heart and exhale ease just about halfway forward and pause feel that strength gather it up and again you can stay right here or with your next inhale float it up warrior three Virabhadrasana see any arm variation feel free to play with it strong and steady three use the breath to stay for a big inhale as you exhale start to bend that left knee step the right foot all the way back grounding through the feet inhale rise through arms and torso exhale sink the hips back down towards the earth take a big inhale lift through your heart exhale release hands to the earth step into your plank pose pause again just holding steady and strong belly rising heart shining three two yeah stay for your inhale exhale lower knees or chaturanga dandasana inhale scoop the heart up cobra up dog and exhale we take it back downward facing dog cleansing breath through the nose inhaling and through the mouth exhale let it all go as you're ready slowly on the inhale walking the feet forward to the front of your mouth when you arrive feet are about hips distance soft bend in the knees hands drop or hold elbows maybe you sway maybe you keep it neutral three breaths just kind of let yourself go let it unravel and wind a little whatever it is three two yeah and then if you have any bind release it keep a gentle bend in the knees keep the head heavy and slowly on the inhale rolling rolling rolling coming all the way up to stand and as you exhale roll the shoulders down the back shake it out a little bit let it go samasthiti feet together hands to prayer heart center steady gaze straight ahead one breath together inhale through the nose and exhale through the nose beautiful surinamaskar a inhale reaching the arms out and up exhale to bow out and down with your inhale lengthening halfway and then hopper step back and with your exhale lower as you choose inhale lift the heart exhale take it back downward facing dog long spine deep breath three settling in to bottom of your exhale soft bend in the knees hop or step front of the mat as you arrive inhale lengthen halfway exhale deepen into the fold strong through your center inhale rise all the way up reaching it out exhale trace the midline hands home to the heart two more inhale we rise reach up exhale we bow out and down halfway on the inhale lengthening root the hands hop or step back exhale to lower elbows hug in inhale lift the heart exhale downward facing dog again three breaths rise through sit bones descend through heels roll shoulders away from ears and breathe bottom of your exhale soft bend in the knees hopper step of your mat inhale lengthening halfway long spine exhale deepening into your fold again strong through the center inhale we reach all the way up and exhale hands home to the heart last cycle inhale out and up exhale out and down following the breath following the energy inhale halfway hopper step it back exhale to lower inhale lift through the heart exhale out on my breathing three dropping in two opening sun salutes just kind of lulling the mind drawing you deeper into the body one more breath now bottom of your exhale soft bend in your knees hopper step it forward inhale we lengthen halfway and exhale return to the fold strong through your center flat back inhale rise all the way up trace the midline exhale hands to the heart come home to samastitihi then right away deep bend in the knees inhale scoop it up utkatasana sitting way down into it feel strength of legs and glute muscles and belly rising feel the length in the spine relax through the shoulders cultivate that heat another breath or two just be in it yeah then with your exhale reach back and interlace the fingers inhale opening through your heart and then exhale dive into the fold take the arms up and over let the head go relax the neck and the jaw the eyes and the brow move the heat you're generating into the shoulders whoa and whatever might be stuck or stored there starts to dissolve even just a little bit three two then just for a moment deep bend in the knees inhale sweep the arms back up what katasana exhale mindful of knees descend a little deeper as far as feels good then press through the feet inhale rise all the way up drop the tailbone lift the belly exhale open arms open heart we offer it inhale rise to the center line again and exhale hands to prayer heart center samastitihi give yourself one breath here and here we go bending the knees inhale scoop the arms out and up again we return to utkatasana then keep your foundation and with your exhale take your hands to prayer at heart center inhale lift first belly and heart rising and then exhale twist to the right hook that left elbow outside of the knee and spiral the spine you're gently pressing in with the elbow and out with the knee to deepen the twist breathe into thoracic spine mid and upper back one more moment here yes then keep your twist turn the gaze down to the earth you can always lower hands down first if you'd like keep rooting through your right foot feel the deep belly draw in and up lift the left foot and slowly exhale step it all the way back twisting beautiful pervert to parjval kanasana keep what you've got maybe lower the back knee maybe open the arms make it yours for three yeah two and then as you're ready unravel inhale draw yourself back up into your high lunge crescent and exhale descend down into it big inhale lift through the heart and as you exhale press the palms interlaced again just releasing index fingers big inhale here and exhale take that half fold strong and engage through the whole body and then with the next inhale we take flight again warrior three rising up strong and engaged yeah stay with it a couple more breaths feel the balance and then with your exhale you'll release the hands to the earth with your inhale sail the left leg to the sky for standing splits have a little fun with it hips can be neutral or open it's up to you the hands can stay on the earth or you can play with the balance by holding that standing ankle or maybe even taking hands to prayer at heart let it wobble let it fall just keep coming back this is the cultivation of the center line regardless of what's happening within us around us we keep coming back home one more breath here okay for the transition hands come down to the earth again if you've moved them and the hips draw to neutral if you've opened them big inhale reach through back heel and heart and then as you exhale we step the left foot back just two three four feet depending on length of legs right foot is right of center left is left inhale lengthen halfway exhale fold variation of pyramid draw outer right hip sit bone up and back outer left hip down release into it three two yeah you're welcome to stay here or we're going to build into twisting triangle left hand inner outer edge of that front foot a block can be so lovely here at any height root that left hand hook right thumb into hip crease draw it back heart grows out then with that length in the spine there's room to twist anchor your back heel inhale reach right arm up and breathe clearing it out ringing it out three two let's stay for a big expansive inhale and then with the exhale release come back down into the fold hands either side of the front foot for the transition inhale lengthen halfway and with your exhale step your left foot way back find that nice long lunge again ground through the hands inhale take the right leg up and back and then with your exhale open the hip bend the knee you might stay right here you might just shake it out a little bit or flip it open ground that right foot and then reach right arm to the sky imagine the back body lifting up and through front body three big expanse to yeah if you flipped it inhale take that right leg back to the sky as the right hand grounds exhale to release into your downward facing dog you might pause here or through the flow inhale to plank exhale to lower inhale cobra up dog and exhale take it back downward facing dog give yourself a breath or two here reconnect gather the energy and then at the bottom of the exhale soft bend in the knees hop or step front of the mat inhale we lengthen halfway exhale deepen into your fold bending the knees inhale scoop it up katasana here we go again strong throw the foundation exhale hands to the heart inhale lift a little through that front body and then exhale twist to the left hook the elbow outside of the knee spiral the spine maybe if you're steady you lift the gaze up to the left and then just be in it three variations if you want to stay in your twist turn the gaze down to the earth root through your left foot use deep belly pick up the right foot and slowly on the exhale step it all the way back parvita parjva kanasana back knee is up or down maybe arms open you might even explore the bind make it yours three two steady through foundation unravel the torso inhale draw it up to center line exhale descend through the hips and then press the palms interlace take a big inhale lift the heart exhale ease halfway forward pause feel that incredible strength that incredible potentiality from the center as you're ready rising on the inhale warrior three your arm variation extending taking flight three two with the exhale hands to the earth with the inhale right leg sails to the sky standing splits keep this or hold standing ankle or draw hands to prayer at heart change it up it's up to you yeah another breath or two good if you've shifted the arms just take the hands back down to the earth and then if you've opened the hips draw them back to neutral inhale reach through the heart and the back heel and with your exhale just step that right foot back two three four feet left foot left of center right right of center hips need room then inhale lengthen halfway and exhale deepen into your fold just kind of give over to it for a couple breaths saw through neck and jaw it's up to you you're welcome to stay here or moving it into twisting triangle hand inner outer edge of front foot grab the block if you'd like thumb to hip crease on that left side pull it back as the heart goes out and then a big inhale reaching left arm to the sky spiraling open yes use your back heel as your anchor and then be in it three two big inhale as you exhale let yourself just float back down into the fold pause here hands on the earth then with the inhale we lengthen halfway and with the exhale we step the right foot all the way back grounding through your hands inhale sweep left leg to the sky with the exhale opening the hip bending the knee and again you're welcome to stay here or flip it open rooting that left foot behind reaching left arm up and reach reach reach through the heart few breaths make it an offering to yeah with the inhale sweep left leg to the sky as the left hand roots with the exhale release downward facing dog stay right there or let's wash it away inhale to plank exhale to lower inhale reaching up through the heart and exhale take it all the way back downward facing dog yeah and then just find your down dog again reconnect subtle really deep beautiful work as you feel ready at the bottom of your exhale it's a soft bend in the knees we're going to come all the way through to sit and then roll all the way down onto the back as you land hug the knees in towards your chest just rock the body a little side to side and before we completely surrender just a little love for the legs the hips plant the feet cross right ankle over left knee loop hands around left thigh or left shin and hug it in just for three send some warmth energy into right hip glute area to good with the exhale release and shift left ankle across right knee flex that foot loop hands around right thigh or shin hug it in breathe three right in the left hip area to that's it with the exhale unravel unwind and then just hug both knees in towards rock yourself side to side releasing through low back yeah just kind of rocking yourself thanking yourself for showing up for the depth of the practice as you feel ready complete release let the legs extend and roll open let the arms rest alongside the body palms face the sky make any adjustments you need support it in any way you desire and then lay it all down whatever it is at least for these precious moments just let it go stay soft take a big inhale fill it up opening the mouth exhale let yourself rest physically energetically mentally emotionally let yourself rest and absorb the benefits of the practice if you have the space and the desire please remain here just rest as long as you'd like when you are ready deepening the breath bringing any movement you feel for into the body and making your transition back to a comfortable seat in whatever way feels good for you you can roll to either side or just rock it up and then find that seat ground again through foundation take your hands to prayer at your heart center a soft bow of head to heart may we always know that center regardless of what is rising and falling strengthening that connection inward closing with a gentle own through the nose in healing thank you all so much for sharing the practice always such a pleasure and a joy be well namaste


Jenny S
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Hi Rosemary! Lovely to see you here again. These 30-minute practices are so beneficial for busy days when I want to get some glow going in a short amount of time. Did I say “glow” ? I meant sweat! And I feel terrific for it! Many thanks 🙏🏻
Julie M
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Wow that was a challenge! My glutes feel like jelly - thank you for these new classes :)
Peter M
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Hi that was a hard 30 mins but I soppose it’s in the mind to see it through those Warrior 3 to crescent lunge Crickey!!...it’s certainly hits the glutes nice to see you back Rosemary .
Kate M
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That was so beautiful, sooo blissful! Ahhh... So good to flow with your gently encouraging instruction, Rosemary! Love.
Emma M
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So delighted to find another series by you! I loved this flow and feel wonderful😊🌼💛
Katrina F
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Wow...that was so good!
Rosemary Garrison
Thank you, Jenny S ! I love the sweat and the glow! ; ) Thank you oh so much for sharing in the flow. 
Rosemary Garrison
Yay! Thank you, Julie M . So happy to be able to share them in these challenging times. Be well. 
Rosemary Garrison
Thank you, Peter M ! Yes, so very much of it is in the mind- Crickey indeed! So happy to know you're sharing in the flow with us. Be well. 
Rosemary Garrison
Thank you, dear Kate M . It feels so good to know you're sharing the practice and feeling the bliss! Love to you. 
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