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Season 5 - Episode 3

Hip Rinse

20 min - Practice


Delight in your breath and flow fluidly through this creative class to rinse the hips and pelvis. We move dynamically through hip opening sequences and standing poses while playing with coordination, balance, and strength, before exploring Camel pose. You will feel strong, expansive, and easeful.
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Welcome, friends. We're going to do a little hip rinsing. So start on your knees. If starting on your knees isn't comfortable or available to you, prop yourself up. And you could even do just standing bending those knees of yours. Okay, so we make this accessible for ourselves. I'm going to start on my knees. I could have a blanket between my thighs. I don't. I'm just going to stand up on my knees, and then hinge my hips back down. The second one, I'm going to add my arms and my palms are going to face up, and I'm going to reach and then come down. This third one, I'm going to add my chin and chest. So I'm going to come up, add my chin and chest and reach my arms and then slowly come down. Sit to the side of your heels. Now for some of you, you might want to just bring your feet in front and lean on your hands. If your wrists aren't comfortable with that, you can lean on your forearms. You're just going to wash your thighs to the right and the left. Okay, that's all you have to do is wash your thighs to the right and wash your thighs to the left. If you'd like to have the setup that I have, it adds on a little more complexity and coordination. The shin bone that's in front, my palm faces up. The shin bone where the heel is closest to the buttock, my palm faces down. We're going to move our hands and come up on our knees, slide our feet into that other position, and our hands are going to turn. So again, heel that's closest to the buttock, the palm is downhill that's closest to the pubic bone, the palm is up, we come up and we shimmy. Now the coordination is definitely a key here. So as the palms turn, the thighs turn, and we move and each time I find it gets easier. Right, so let's just do one more round. When you shimmy your breathing and for those of you who windshield wipe, you're doing a great job windshield wiping, you're still getting that lubrication of the thigh bone. Now you'll come back and on your knees and let's meet on all fours. So when we come on to all fours, you can swivel that pelvis. I'm going to do three arch curls or some like to call cat cows when you come into your cat, shoulders away from ears. And when you come into your cow length and tether navel. Just two more rounds here. And when you do these rounds, let it feel like you're really rinsing and moving through your spine. So that as we add on, that undulation pours through this practice as we really do hydrate our body. At any time, if you find you need to go to child's pose, please do. Right now, let's meet in downward facing dog. Spread your fingers like starfish, shoulders above elbows and wrists. That's a plank with the leg straight and then we come into down dog. I'm just going to pedal my feet here. Going to nod my head as I pedal my feet and let whatever needs to go go. Yeah. And then slowly lift the right leg as the right leg rises firmly and plant the hands into the mat. Slowly, gently step the right foot forward, lower the left knee down top of the foot down. You are in a low lunge. Each leg is in their own lanes. You laying your hands can go on your hips or cactus your arms. Or if it feels right for you, reach up. And then we're going to add on that gentle side bend here. Side bend over to the right. Inhale, come up through center. Take the left hand to the floor the right hand to the hip or the sky. I'm going to reach up to the sky. I like to soften the left elbow here so that I can really feel the rotation. Put the right hand down outside the right foot. Downward facing dog. Breathing in. Downward facing dog breathing out. And again, I'm nodding my head because we do have rhythm here. Inhale to the plank. This is one of my most favorite ways to get to the floor. I call it the decelerating plank. If you need your knees down, take your knees down. We go slow. There's a little tether of the navel. That's what we kind of pride ourselves in that oodiana, that feeling there. And then once you land, roll your thigh bones in.

Shoulders can rise up to the ear lobes and then actually up toward the ceiling and then down toward your elbows. A little shimmy there. Inhale, lift for a low cobra. Soft eyes. And then exhale, release. Two more. Inhale, lift if you want to add on. Certainly, it's fine to lift your hands. Okay. And then release. And then last round here. Inhale, lift chest, hands and legs. Invigorated. Release everything down. If you'd like, you can push back through plank in reverse or child's pose. And then downward facing dog. So using our breath here, inhale, lift the left leg. Step the left foot forward. Lower the right knee down, top of the foot down, hands, hips, cactus, or full extension of arms in that space. You'll notice there's movement in the stillness. Left hand grabs right wrist, side bend over to the left. Inhale, come up. Right hand down, left hand hip or skyward. Easeful twist here. And then place that left hand down. Downward facing dog. Inhale plank. You guessed it. One more of our lovely, decelerating, exhaling, high plank to low plank. Slow plank maybe is the best way to describe it. It's not easy. Bring your hands to tinted fingertips, outside edges of your mat. Look to your left, press your toenails into the floor, peel your left ribs off the mat. And then slowly come down and through center. Look to the right, peel your right ribs, right lung off the mat. So you can feel that continuity of rotation. And then down and through center, tuck the hands under the shoulders. One more bhujangasana. Inhale, if you'd like to lift your hands, you can. If you want to lift your legs, go for it. Release. Little more effort, maybe plank and reverse. Or a little more effort into, you guessed it, child's pose. Inhale, and rise that right leg, and step that right foot right into warrior one. Immediately into that space of warrior one heel to heel, or I like to suggest moving the right foot into the right lane, fourth and fifth toe on the back foot. Wake it up, sit it down into your feet and then rise up that energy. So we rise it up, we feel those flosses of the thigh bones supporting us and getting lower. Remember, the palms can be ahead. You can certainly have hands on hips or cactus arms. Give yourself room to breathe. And then take your hands to your hips, squeeze your elbows. So this puffs the chest, you can keep them there or I'm going to consciously lead with my right thumb and interlace my fingers. Inhale, heart lifts, chin lifts, exhale fold. So in the humble warrior, I like to remind myself to bow head to heart, to steer the right outer hip back, and feel the heat that is being created in the body. One more breath here. And when the hands come down, you have a few options down dog or classic Vinyasa, high plank, halfway down, heard of a mukha, upward facing, or you can take that low cobra downward facing. We balance our energy by lifting the left leg, step the left foot forward, turn the right heel in heel to heel, or move that leg from the platform of the feet, we kind of feel that siphoning up of the earth energy, the expression that you like with your arms. And then the tapping into the so hum of the breath. And that leaves are like focus, being right here, right here, right here. And then again, the hands can return to the hips, or this time, if you're interlacing, weave with the left thumb first, heart up, chin up, fold. Now, right here right now I can steer that outer left hip back, soften the grip of the toes, skin on the back of the neck. And then hands come down Vinyasa, right? So you have the choice to add on an additional chaturanga, or to go all the way down and utilize what you know what I'm going to say, that decelerating blink. Inhale, lift the right leg, step the right foot forward, this time we go right into Virabhadrasana two, warrior two, pelvis below shoulders, arms, reach, and then set, breathe, reverse your warrior. Can you just delight in your breath?

Just for a moment. Inhale, come up. Exhale, inhale, straighten that right leg and let's slide into triangle. This time when you come into Utthita, Trikonasana, with fresh eyes, you could decide to take the left arm over. You could decide to take the right arm under. You might notice I take a smidge of a bend in my right knee. I do feel that thigh rolling. I'm breathing. Actions happening here. You don't have to do any of those variations. Bend the right knee and move through the Vinyasa right here right now. Again, another moment, those moments to begin again, to breathe, to give yourself permission to be here. Lift your left leg, the left foot steps with mindfulness, the right heel turns, and you come into Virabhadra two and you make whatever mini adjustments you want to make. And you feel that groundedness in the feet. And then when you reach back, that expansion in the heart and that water moving through the pelvis. Inhale up, exhale, stay. As you straighten the left leg, I notice on this side, my stance feels a little wide. So I'm going to shore it up, slurp the thigh in, coming into that extended triangle, shoulders away from ears. If you'd like, my friends, you can reach the arm over, the other arm under. If that doesn't excite you, you go back to whatever expressions aligns you. Bend left knee, rinse with a Vinyasa. If it's too much for you, take a child's pose. If it's not enough, if it's not enough, then a Vinyasa. And as you always know, you can make it spicier. You certainly can. You don't have to, but you certainly can. Here's your breath in and there's your breath out. You're just enjoying all of it. Yeah, I am. Now you can hop your feet to your hands or you can walk. I'm going to come onto my tiptoes and walk my feet to my hands. Just to experience what would it be like if I took my time and I walked slowly to the top of the mat. Hands on the shins, hands to your calves, soften your knees, fold. You can come up around it or straight. That's always an option so you can tune in and attune to what you need. My needs, my breath, my moment. Heel to your feet as wide as your mat. Come down into that squat. It's a transitional squat here. And then land where you are. Breathe and slowly sit. Without your hands, you're going to bring your feet together. I like to slide my hips back and you're just going to come into a three breath bada konasan. So you'll peel those feet apart if that feels right for you. If not, you can keep them together. Inhale, lift your chest. This offering is really for you to just feel how much those thighs are opening. Wonderful friends, you're going to inhale, come up. And we're going to just check in with those windshield wipes. So for those of you who did them, on your hands and your elbows, you can bring your right knee to the arch of the left foot or the ankle, and then just go about it two, three times. For those of you who kind of went for it, palm up, palm down, we're going to swivel and just see if it's a little more available. At this point, I'm going to do two rounds. And I do notice there's a little more floss going on here. And I like to floss my hips. Yeah. Now you're going to come back onto your knees. Right? You might remember that from the beginning. If you need to pad your knees, please do.

Modified camel was stressing. So I look back at my feet, they're parallel. Keep my hands on my hips, and then just lift my heart. Modified means you could stay here. There's a little more in this expression. You can lift your chest and your chin. There's a little more in this expression. You can move your hands to your buttocks. If there's a little more in this expression with the eyes and the cheeks and the tongue supple, you can go into full camel. When you slowly come up, and you sit down, I'm going to sit to the left of my hips. And I'm going to bring my feet forward. And now I'm going to ask you to just hug those knees into your chest. Take your left hand behind you and gently twist. Squeeze those inner thighs. It'll feel wonderful to come into that core right here. And then slowly switch to the other side. Rinse and twist. Good. Come through the middle. Roll down here. Yeah, feet down. Let's hug our left thigh in and extend the right leg. You got this. And then switch. Hug your right thigh in and extend your left leg. And now you maybe feel a little more of a cohesive opening through the front of the left thigh. We'll match that energy by releasing the right leg and then sliding both heels in. Lifting our hips. Lifting our hips. Gratitude for these legs. And then slowly coming down. Hugging both knees in. Maybe you'll take a happy baby. Yeah, maybe I'll take a happy baby. If you're someone who feels like that felt like a lot for your legs. Maybe I'll take your legs up the wall. Otherwise, allow your body to just fully release into Shavasana. And as always, Shavasana is here for you to restore as long as you like. If you're ready to come up to seated and close your practice with me, feel free to slide the heels in and roll to your right. Or whatever is comfortable. Maybe you just give yourself a moment there. And if you're staying still, appreciate that. Hands Anjali Mudra. Thank you so much for practicing. Namaste.


Jennifer E
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So happy to start the week with this new series of classes! Thank you thank you, Bex!!!
Robin J
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Can't wait for more thanks bex
Rebecca Urban
Jennifer E yay! Thanks for being part of the “kula” community on yoga anytime. Xox
Rebecca Urban
Robin J you will love these flows. Oxo
Glenford N
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My hips are glowing. I loved the sliding shimming thigh rinse- it could be the next dance move craze, courtesy of YogaAnytime!
Sandra Židan
I loved today's practice! Thanks, Bex! 💖
Samreen F
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Lovely practice, thank you ! x
Rebecca Urban
Samreen F glad you are moving!
Christel B
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Feeling refreshed ,especially in the hips!  So great when your time is limited. Thank you Bex.
Rebecca Urban
Christel B thank you! Glad it resonated 
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