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Season 5 - Episode 6

Core Mobility Flow

35 min - Practice


Get your core working in this activating mobility class that uses traditional vinyasa poses to stretch, stabilize, and strengthen the whole body. You will feel energized and accomplished.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Robert! I LOVED this practice. So many fun sequences, and very powerful. I feel strong and stretched and energized for my day beginning here in Berlin. I appreciate your guidance, each and every time, but this one is my absolute favorite practice with you to date. Best~~
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Amazing class!  I couldn't do all of the poses, but I will try again. Thank you, Robert!
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great stuff - many thanks. :)
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as always Robert Sidoti - amazing. You are my absolutely favourite teacher. I love your classes, I love your style of guidenance, and I love your sequencing of asanas. 
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Great class!! I felt so strong and capable when I did this routine - and it was fun, too - I really needed this today
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Fun sequence with the squat and camel pose. Nice balance and strength sequence (rocket lunge, tree, warrior 3). A nice energizing flow. Thank you.
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Tree pose: thanks for sharing that. I feel the same way with foot placement. I decided to go faster with the animal moves. Thanks for getting me out of balance and for a few laughs too. Looking forward to rocking out more practices with you. Hard to pick a favorite pose, but downward dog is so cleansing and focusing. Namaste 
Hello Shawn !!! Wowza, what a great comment and feedback - thank you! I am so happy it felt this good for you - especially after the practices you've done with me - it's great how we can still continue to grow and evolve as students/teachers and humans :))  Sending big hugs from the states to you in Berlin!! 
Hey there Lea M !! Thanks for the comment! Let me know how your progress goes - would love to know if you can do some of the poses with more practice :)) 
Many many thanks to you Matthew !! Always nice to 'see' you here! 
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