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Season 5 - Episode 8

Yoga Backbends

30 min - Practice


Build towards Camel Pose in this yoga back bending class that will leave you feeling supple, strong, and open.
What You'll Need: Mat

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As a new mum it is difficult to get to the mat- some days I feel that I am too exhausted for it, but I push myself to get here and after practicing with you I am always so grateful that I did. Thanks Robert
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This was the perfect practice to start my day.  
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Great practice. Love learning new cues, such as "bring your right foot to right toe" was neat, and it worked in focussing my mind in new ways. Camels give such a head-rush. 
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Hello there, welcome, my name is Tilda and about today class I could say only this- I  really really REALLY do not like backbends - if I may start my introduction in way like Robert Sidoti do :). 
I know that I want to change my relationship to them.  I try - for a years, but it seems  to be a long process. 
The class was great. 💙 Thank you Robert again. 
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After being a bit under the weather recently, I really appreciated the sultry pace of this practice. I was indeed a lot more work than I’ve been able to do up to today, but because I wasn’t rushed I was able to sink into the poses and reap the benefits of backbending. As always, I am very grateful for your teaching!
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Great class as always!

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