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Hi Kira,

I always gain so much from your videos and thank you for being such a great teacher. I just found out that I am going to need multiple surgeries on my feet. One will result in fusion of the big toe on my right foot resulting in loss of mobility. My concern is being able to continuing with yoga with that restriction. Not sure what all the other surgeries will entail at this time. Would appreciate your thoughts.
Dearest Marcia E, I wish you so much success and easy healing from your upcoming foot surgery! Yes, you are correct, it is likely that fusion of the big toe will change your current sense of mobility, balance, and such. This does not mean you cannot do yoga, in fact, the practice becomes especially helpful, creative, and nourishing for these bodily transformations.  

I had a total knee replacement a few years ago and while certain postures might not be the same, the practices of yoga provided the tools to integrate and love my new knee. 

Thank you for being here and stay close. xok
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Hi Kira,
Thanks for taking the time and effort. It looks like they are doing surgery on four toes on that foot but the great toe will be the only factor in regards to mobility and such. I have been collecting stretching videos in my queue thinking that will be a good place for awhile. Again I appreciate your time!

Ma rcia

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