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Good Morning Yoga

Season 6

In Season 6, we continue to explore familiar shapes along with new patterns to inspire movement, deep connection, and wide open awareness. You will feel nourished and supported.


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Ann R
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I do your Good Morning Yoga every morning, followed by 30 minute flow. I live in Japan, working for the Army, and love starting my day with your show.  I am from Santa Barbara so I love to see the Pacific Ocean and sometimes the Channel Islands. Keep sharing your great practice and is there going to be a season 7? 
 All the best, Ann
Alana Mitnick
Hi Ann! This is my first time seeing your comment. Sorry for the delay. I am so delighted to be practicing together! I will be filming Season 7 later this week... stay tuned for new practices! Love, Alana
Joy E
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Just started sequence 6, I think this is the last one for morning yoga.  What series do you recommend after this?  I usually practice in the morning.
Alana Mitnick
Hi joy! Wow, wonderful to hear. I have a new Season 7 that will be releasing on Monday, May 25th! You can also find recordings of my LIVE Slow Flow & Meditation classes here. I also suggest exploring any of the 20, 30, 45, and 60 Minute Flows on Yoga Anytime. Have you tried any of the 30 Day Challenges? Please keep me posted on your Yoga journey. Love, Alana 

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