Good Morning Yoga with Alana Mitnick Launches

Alana Mitnick sharing Ardha Chandrasana.

The yogis have long considered early morning one of the most auspicious times to practice. The mind is quieter, the body is rested, and most of the usual distractions are still asleep.

Good Morning Yoga with Alana Mitnick launches today and is designed to be like a motivating friend. Leaving the philosophy and mat chit-chat for another time, her approximately 30-minute vinyasa sequences are uncomplicated, warming and enlivening. She follows a similar pattern across episodes to allow familiarity and routine to develop.

Over time, we have found that we usually prefer to end an early morning sequence in seated meditation rather than savasana. Part of our purpose in the practice is to prepare for the day and lying back down can sometimes feel like the wrong direction. We would love to hear your findings as you explore practicing at this time.

Meet Alana. Begin your practice today. Stay close.


Christel B
Loving this sequence to start the day gently waking up the body. I agree about ending in a seated meditation. It feels so good and harnesses the intent of Hatha yoga. 

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