Practice with Patricia Launches

Patricia sharing camel pose at wall.

We are so lucky to have access to Patricia Sullivan. With over 40 years of practice, her wisdom has saved us a lot of time. We love her sensitivity to small details and her shimmering generosity with sharing them.

We met her in 2003, when she came to Ojai for Lulu Bandha’s first Ojai Yoga Crib, and she has been our trusted teacher ever since.

A particularly endearing quality of her teaching is her vulnerability. She does not wait to be a master of something to share it. In her willingness to bring us into her inner conversation, we gain confidence in our own nascent feelings.

With the launch of Practice with Patricia, we hope to share an alternative way of being with the practices of yoga. Make yourself a cup of tea. Get all the props out. And allow yourself to luxuriate in a long tender practice with the purpose of meeting yourself.


Christel B
Would love to see her offer more classes.

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