Grounded Joy with Lydia Zamorano Launches

Lydia showing nauli kriya.

We are amazed by Lydia. With a few hours on warm fall afternoon free, in the middle of a long a busy road trip with her 9 month old son and professional climbing husband, she managed to stop by Yoga Anytime and share a brilliant set of grounded authentic and challenging sequences without a single hiccup.

Fresh from the frontiers of new motherland, she has allowed her practice to embrace the new rhythm and connection to her body. We love her unique combination of subtle awareness and physical strength. She floats into handstand with grace and ease, and she churns her belly faster than most of us can think.

Her show, Grounded Joy, is such a sweet taste into the deeper realms of practice where so much mystery and story are waiting. Lydia’s generous gratitude towards her teachers and the teachings as well as to what is present in the moment allow her to be simultaneously rooted and free.

Meet Lydia. Begin your practice with her. Stay close.


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