Relaxation Takes Practice with Julia Berkely Launches

Julia sings us a lullaby.

It’s easy to believe that we have no time to relax. The call of the yogis is to learn how to be as relaxed as possible no matter what we are doing. So, finding relaxation is not a matter of finding time; it's a matter of realizing our true being. This takes some practice.

If we want to be able to feel relaxed, we have to be familiar with what relaxed feels like. With the launch of the Relaxation Takes Practice, Julia assists us in our training. She invites us to consider using these practices to refresh after the work-day, strengthen the immune system when energy is low, or perhaps let the racing mind find rest in the middle of the night. With some practice, we can develop a relationship with relaxation and begin to slip into it more and more easily.

You will be amazed at the results of deep rest.

Find ease now. Watch the show’s welcome. Meet Julia. Stay close.


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