Up dog, Down dog, and Kobe

Kobe is known to be a ladies man.

We have a lot of amazing team members here at Yoga Anytime. One of our most faithful is Kobe. On set most days, he takes the time to check in with everyone upon arrival and offers silent loving support during filming.

Here he is checking the lighting and camera angles and offering possible adjustments. He also makes sure the mat smells just right. Woof!


Perry White
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Hilarious! I know this 4 legged yogi well! Indeed, he IS a ladies man and he happens to be my "grandpug". What a great photo of Kobe and Saraswati, or is it Lakshmi? I love Yoga Anytime!
Kira Sloane
Good Eye, Nia! Lakshmi indeed! xo kira

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