Inner Workings with Kira Ryder Launches

Kira and Jacqui tuning the supported opening of the heart.

We can generally only relate with what we can see, feel, hear, touch, taste, and smell. Therefore, to increase the richness of our life, we must tune our sense organs to what is less obvious.

The yogis have long called for this turning of the gaze inward. The goal is not to withdraw from the world. In fact, with some practices, the opposite occurs. As we become more intimate with the immense magnificence of inner landscape, what once seemed external and maybe a little scary becomes friendly, helpful, and loving.

The launch of the Inner Workings show with Kira Ryder is an attempt to share a set of experiments to assist in honing the skills of inner observation. A sense of wonderment and curiosity are essential. And we would so love to hear your results. We are a collective of yogi scientists, and these practices live through our direct participation.


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