The Ashtanga Practice with Sarah Lowe Launches

Kacie and the incredibly long Sarah.

We were so lucky to catch Sarah Lowe of Shanghai, China on a trip to Ojai, California to visit her sister, Ashley.

We first met Sarah about five years ago when she joined Ashley at Lulu Bandha’s Yoga Summer School. Since then, Ashtanga has won her heart and become the perfect dance partner for her sly dry humor, long limbs, and love of movement.

Sarah kicks off the first season of The Ashtanga Practice with an overview of the elements of Ashtanga and then gets right to it in Episode 2 with a comprehensive breakdown of Sun Salutations A and B. While the tone is more geared towards yogis already friendly with the Ashtanga Sequence, her delivery and information will be helpful for any yogi immersed in the vinyasa style of practice.

Meet Sarah. Begin your practice together. Stay close.


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