Yoga for Two Launches

Kristen, Eden and Johanna in Chair Pose.

Before we were even done filming our first season of Yoga for Two, one of our yoga mamas, Uschi, gave birth to a baby boy. Varun Tiger was born on a Saturday in October at 8:47pm. He was over 8 pounds! And just after the season wrapped, another one of our yoga mamas, Johanna, gave birth to a baby girl, Charlie. Now, any day, Eden Flynn, our teacher, and Kristen Smith, the third yoga mama, will have their babies.

With a background in dance, Eden designs her sequences for flowing movement and fun. Pregnancy is a magical and mystical moment, and practicing with other women in the same stage of life is reassuring and inspiring.

We are already looking forward to a follow up season with sequences designed for healing after childbirth.

Meet Eden. Meet some of the yoga mamas. Begin your pre natal practice.


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