Step by Step with Kira Ryder Launches

Kira and Megan explore Warrior 1.

When approaching a problem, there are two primary strategies, make it bigger or make it smaller.

The asanas, or postures, can be seen as problems. Step by Step, which launches today, is an effort to break the postures down into their smaller parts. We attempt to look at what parts of the body might need to be opened or strengthened to allow for easier success and greater understanding. We also address the internal alignments, as going up into handstand is not just a matter of strength and wrist flexibility, but a call of courage and trust.

We have attempted to coordinate Season 1 of Step by Step with Season 1 of Posing and Inner Workings. We start with small almost ignorable details. As we make our way to more complex postures, shapes, and practices, mastery of these tiny details will be essential. Kira hosts Season 1 with the help of friends Megan and Jacqui. We look forward to sharing the expertise of a range of teachers in this show and would love to hear what postures you are most interested in exploring.

Begin your exploration now. Meet Kira. Stay close.


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