The Posing Show with Kira Ryder and Friends Launches

Kira and Julie playing with Warrior 1.

We want to provide a comprehensive library of yoga postures and to do so properly, according to the legends, we would need to demonstrate 8.4 million of them.

Thank goodness for good friends like Richard Rosen, author of Original Yoga, who have helped us feel more relaxed with a number like 84.

Our bigger struggle, however, is not a problem of quantity as the question of how to effectively demonstrate that the posture is not the end game. We want to share these shapes without implying that there is one way to do them.

So in our first season of Posing with Kira Ryder and Friends, we have gathered together a group of yogis with very different anatomies and day jobs. With the help of Matt, Winifred, and Julie, we are hoping to show that how a posture, or asana, looks depends on who is playing within it.

For understanding on how to approach these shapes in your practice, we suggest you tune into Step by Step, set to launch in late November, and for a deeper understanding how you work inside, please visit us over at Inner Workings.

The more comfortable we can become with all the varieties of our brothers and sisters on this planet, the more room we will have for others and ourselves. Allowing for variety increases our capacity for the richness of this complex and wonderful life.


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