Season 2 of The Ashtanga Practices launches with Rosemary Garrison

Rosemary shares the practices with wholesome honesty and brightness. We are so grateful she has joined Yoga Anytime as host to Season 2 of The Ashtanga Practice.

Rosemary's deep reverence for the series and her beloved teacher Tim Miller gave her the confidence to also share her love of the more open and creative vinyasa style. Her courage to represent both her roots and her latest blossoms make this new season extra rich.

For those of you wanting a friend for the primary series, tune into Episode 2. For a tutorial on how to adapt the standing postures to suit you, check out Episode 4. And when you’re feeling like a little different juice, drop into her Hip Opening Flow Sequence, Episode 3.

Stay tuned for more episodes, launching weekly on Mondays.

Meet Rosemary. Start practicing together now. Stay close.


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