Erich Schiffmann's Freedom Yoga Immersion Launches

Erich tells the story of first trying to share his Freedom Yoga approach over 20 years ago up in Santa Rosa, California. He lovingly mimics one of his regular students chastising him after class, “Errrrrrrrrrich, I come here so you’ll tell me what to do.” And there ended the initial, tender, embryonic experiment. And now, Freedom Yoga is all Erich teaches, and we are thrilled to announce the launch of his Freedom Yoga Immersion Training.

Erich’s name is mentioned in so many of the teacher bio interviews on Yoga Anytime as a primary yoga guideposts. His has provided so many of us with the tools and encouragement to listen inwardly and dare to follow our own compasses.

Sometimes we miss his asana instructions since they are sooooo good. But deeper thirsts are quenched with the waters he now letting flow. And the planet is thirsty.

Thank you, Papa Schiffmann! Meet Erich. Drop into the Immersion. Stay close.


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