Yoga Anytime Turns 5 Today!


Yoga Anytime turns 5 years old today thanks to all of you!

Since the beginning, our mission has been to assist in the experience of Yoga. We define an experience of Yoga as that mind-blowing moment when you simultaneously know for real that you are wanted, one hundred percent belong, and are totally free. Often accompanied by tears of joy and a luminous, inexplicable, full-body quiver of wonder, these moments can happen anytime, anywhere. We believe that the practices of yoga help prepare us for these experiences. And because the teachings of Yoga only exist in relationship, Yoga Anytime turns 5 years old because of you and the community that has shown up on their mats and practiced with us.

So let’s celebrate together! Check out Yoga Anytime’s birthday playlist with favorite tunes from our team behind-the-scenes. (If you don't already have a Spotify account, you can sign-up for a free account to listen.)

Take a walk with us down memory lane and revisit some fun and poignant practices we’ve released over the years!

Thank you to and from all of our teachers, the filming and production crew, the publishing and editorial team, the engineering and design team, the finance team, the business team, the marketing team, the customer service team, and infinite immeasurable conditions that have lead to this moment.

We really only know if all of this is working when we hear from you. Comments in the forums, emails, and calls sharing the impact a teaching has had on your life help us know if we are on track. Here are some of the many ways our community members have touched our hearts, and given us plenty to celebrate each day:

“This was deeply delicious. I keep commenting after practices that I have found a new favourite. Then I had favourite favourites. I think this one might be a favourite favourite favourite. Yoga Anytime has given me such an appreciation of my pelvis, and this was the apotheosis of hippy love!”

“These tutorials are a great resource. I keep coming back for a "refresher" before I'm to teach my myofascial release/yoga class. Soooo useful.”

“This was something I desperately needed even though I didn't know this until it happened. I'm happy to say I'm much happier now, and life is more settled (to the degree that life is EVER settled lol). When things get a bit sticky, logging on to Yoga Anytime is the best medicine around.”

“Wow! I did my first class tonight and am looking forward to what I will do tomorrow. I really like how the content is organized into shows. It really helps with my decision-making paralysis. Just pick a show every few weeks and stick with it. I can do that!”

If you have a moment, we would love to connect with you on a personal level and hear from you. Whether you’ve just started your free trial or you’ve been with us a month, a year, or the whole 5 years — how has practicing with Yoga Anytime helped you?

Share how or where you like to practice with us, how Yoga Anytime has become a part of your life, and how we can better serve you. Leave us a comment below. Connect in via email, or even better, give us call!

We are so grateful. Happy 5th birthday to all of us from all of us!


Alana, Ashley, Kira, and Sarah


Happiest of Birthdays, Yoga Anytime! I feel honored to be a part of this loving family!
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Woo hoo!!! So happy to work with you all! Well done!!
Happy Birthday Yoga Anytime!!!!!!!!!
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Enjoying the playlist!
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5 years old!!! WOW!! Happiest of birthdays YogaAnytime - sweetest online yoga sangha ever! xoxo
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This site is pure Yoga GOLD and over the course of the past few years has become a critical part of my self-care!  Happy Birthday to my cyber friends at Yoga Anytime!  Here's to many, many more trips around the sun! XOX
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Happy birthday Yoga Anytime. X 
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Congrats YogaAnytime and many thanks to all the amazing teachers and the folks behind the scenes! 

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