Asana Studies Launches with Chris Hoskins

Chris weaves grace and precision in his instruction.

Chris Hoskins opens Season One of Asana Studies, a show dedicated to the details of alignment that allow for the freedom of the soul. When then mind can be held steady by the interior mystery, yoga happens.

A former dancer, Chris’s body holds the teachings with deep reverence for precision and grace. His sharing is generous, enthusiastic and exact. His intensity can be felt and understood just by the fact that Episodes 1, 2 and 3 are investigations into Tadasana (Mountain Pose).

At one point during filming, Chris just started practicing without saying anything. We were totally mesmerized and in that moment, the inspiration for Our Practices was born, a show totally dedicated to sharing the personal practices of our teachers.

Chris’s practice is honest, truthful and grounded in reality. We are grateful to our friend and Yoga Anytime teacher Zubin Shroff for the introduction. You can find Chris up in Berkeley, California at his studio, "Studio Yoga 6.

Meet Chris. Begin practicing together. Stay close.


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