Our Holiday Gift Guide for Your Favorite Yogi


The secret to a thoughtful gift is imagining something your favorite yogi will actually use and enjoy—not sequester in the back of a closet or, worse, toss in a landfill. With an eye toward eco-consciousness and sustainability, we’ve rounded up gifts that offer luxury, delight, and meaning—and that any yogi would be happy to find under the tree.

The Stocking Stuffer

Select several bars of the heavenly Divine Chocolate and tie with ribbon or hemp rope. Your favorite yogi with a sweet tooth will appreciate the super-rich 85 percent dark chocolate and 60 percent dark chocolate with Himalayan pink sea salt; both of you will love supporting the women-run cooperative in Ghana who make this fair trade chocolate. shop.divinechocolateusa.com, from $4.

For the Yogi In Touch with Nature’s Cycles

Whether she’s meditating on abundance at the full moon or attending a slow-flow new moon yoga class, help keep your friend tuned in to the moon’s monthly waxing and waning with this lunar phase calendar illustrated with a garden of blooming night flowers, like Queen of the Night, Nicotiana, and Moon Flower. etsy, $20.

For the Yogi Who Loves to Cook

In his newest James Beard finalist cookbook, beloved London-based chef Yotam Ottolenghi streamlines his bright, seasonal, veggie-centric Mediterranean recipes for the weeknight dinner table. Think quick-cooking black lentils, silken eggplant, cherry tomatoes, and fresh herbs as far as the eye can see. amazon, $24.

Healing Stones for the Chakra-Focused Yogi

Give the gift of spiritual and energetic balance with this chakra-healing kit. With ethically sourced stones that correspond to each of the seven chakras, including garnet, citrine, and amethyst, this kit will help to dissolve energy blocks and reestablish balance. energymuse.com, $15.

For the Yogi Seeker

Using the ancient, universal symbols that have endured across time and cultures around the world, this tarot deck takes its practitioner on a journey of self-discovery into the collective unconscious. Lush, evocative illustrations stir the emotions and spirit, while an accompanying guidebook offers clear, grounded explanations. amazon.com, $24.

For the Yogi Homebody

These Iringa baskets are handwoven from the reed-like Milulu grass by a women’s cooperative in Tanzania, where basket weaving has a long and rich history among the Hehe people. At home, they’re perfect to stash the day’s newspaper, a yoga mat, knitting projects, or would be a welcome home to a potted fig tree. kestrelshop.com, from $16.

For the Sleep-Deprived Yogi

The ultimate in advent calendars, this super-luxe limited edition kit from Saje offers what everyone needs around the holidays—a restful night’s sleep. With multiple oil blends, an eyeshade, lavender sachet, and included crystal, your yogi friend will drift into a winter slumberland. saje.com, $110.

For the Yogi In-Search-of Chill Vibes

The evening incense routine goes from college-shabby to grown-up chic with these simple concrete holders designed by Mike Garman. Made from recycled materials and individually hand cast from custom made rubber molds, each of the five available colors are integrally mixed into the concrete, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces. Just add copal. preludeanddawn.com, $28.


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Thanks for these great gift ideas! Appreciate it! 
Lily - so glad you like them! Happy shopping!

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