Your June 2023 Astrological Forecast

If you are new to astrology or need a recap on how you can apply it to your life and yoga practice, check out last month’s astrological forecast here.

Introducing Gemini Season

Welcome to June: A month filled with upbeat, energizing, curious, and social energy - courtesy of the stars.

This energetic landscape is largely due to Gemini season (May 21 - June 20), known for its insatiable quest for knowledge, endless childlike curiosity, desire for constant movement and stimulation, and social butterfly tendencies.

Gemini’s free-flowing, uplifting energy is welcomed following Taurus season last month, a slower paced, stabilizing energy that made it a great time for grounding flows, yin yoga, and restorative practices.

Similar to the invigorating and nourishing cycle of a sun salutation, the change in zodiac seasons encourage you to flow freely between inward, yin energies and outward, yang energies.

To celebrate this shift in energy, June is the perfect time to enliven your yoga practice—arm balances, chest openers, and ashtanga flows are a great place to start.

June Lunar Events

The new moon and full moon theme for June is all about perspective and understanding. They are an invitation to reflect on how you view the world, and why. If you notice your mind is particularly active this month, meditation is a great practice to help you drop back into your body and find some mental relief.

Sagittarius Full Moon – June 3, 2023

June’s Full Moon is right at the top of the month, ushering in a fun, playful, expansive, and adventurous energy. This lunar event is your chance to be bold, dream big, focus on the high road, long view, and reflect on what makes life meaningful for you. It’s a great time to push yourself. Maybe try a 7-day handstand challenge? How does your perspective shift when you’re upside down?

Gemini New Moon – June 17, 2023

Just two weeks later, we have an opportunity to begin again thanks to the Gemini New Moon, which kicks off a brand new lunar cycle. Before Gemini season completely passes you by, the New Moon is asking you to turn inward and reflect on where you are making assumptions in your life. What would life look like if you approached it with an open mind? What if you focused more on asking questions rather than knowing the answers? What if you allowed yourself to embrace a "both and" mentality rather than "either or"? Let your yoga practice help you—new moons are a great time for forward folds that allow you to look within.

Now that you know what’s ahead for June, which style of practice are you most excited to jump into? Share below in the comments.

Sofia Adler
About the Author

Sofia Adler

Sofia is a trained astrologer who holds a MA in Clinical Psychology and Education from Columbia University and is a certified mindfulness meditation teacher. She blends these modalities to help her clients worry less, enjoy their lives more, and get excited about what's to come because they're confident everything is working out for them. Learn more on her website or follow Sofia on Instagram.


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