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20-Minute Yoga Flows

Season 2

Sarah Beston

In Season 2, Sarah shares well-rounded Vinyasa practices that are designed to help you feel grounded, fluid, strong, open, and balanced while inviting a new sense of ease and freedom into the body and the mind.

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Eliana E
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Thanks YogaAnytime and Sarah! This was the first Season I followed on this site and I loved it. Actually sad it's over but.. ready for the 60 min classes now! Or maybe not :)
Judi Garcia
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I love this series, hip stretches, watery flow, moon flow.  Namaste Sarah
Sarah Beston
Hi Eliana! I am sorry to have missed your comment from a few months back—thank you so much for practicing with me and I hope you were able to try out some 60 minute classes! Warmly, Sarah 
Sarah Beston
I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying the series, Judi! Stay close and please keep me posted on how your practice is going! Warmly, Sarah

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